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Is Allora a Good Saxophone Brand? (Checked & Compared)

The saxophone can be a fun instrument to play whether you enjoy jazz or classical music.

However, you need to get a good quality instrument that will support you as you advance.

Here’s How Allora Stacks up as a Saxophone Brand:

Allora is one of a few brands in the middle of the range of saxophone makers. It’s not as good as Selmer, Yamaha, or other professional brands. However, it’s much better than cheap companies, such as Mendini or Eastar.

Are Allora Saxophones Considered High Quality?

Allora saxophones aren’t quite high-quality but aren’t bad-quality instruments.

You can find them at a few reputable music stores, which you can’t say for cheap brands, such as Mendini.

However, Allora instruments aren’t as popular as many other high-quality brands, such as Yamaha or Selmer. I’d say Allora falls in the middle of these two extremes.

The brand may be suitable for students and even more advanced players who aren’t professionals. It’s a better choice than the cheaper companies.

On the other hand, Allora isn’t near the top of the list of best saxophone brands either.

So while you can play on them for a while, you’ll probably outgrow the brand eventually.

Does Allora Make Good Intermediate and Professional Instruments?

Allora primarily makes student and intermediate-model saxophones.

Now, on some of their product listings, such as the Paris Series, they claim to include professional quality features.

However, the instruments are much more affordable than professional saxophones with similar specs. So you can probably place these models in the intermediate category.

Many of the intermediate Allora saxophones are of decent quality. If you’re looking for a nice instrument without spending a ton of money, Allora is worth considering.

Unfortunately, you may need to look into other brands if you’re shopping for a professional saxophone.

Even if they include professional features, Allora still doesn’t make saxophones for professionals.

Do Allora Saxophones Sound Good for Their Price?

Allora saxophones do sound pretty good for their price.

Now, you may not sound as good as Charlie Parker or Marcel Mule, but you can sound decent enough to maintain your interest in the saxophone.

Then, you can keep practicing, and you may eventually sound as good as the professionals. If you still struggle to sound good, there’s a good chance you’re ready for a new sax.

How you sound on Allora saxes or any other brand depends on other factors.

First, you must consider your current skill level and if you’ve learned how to form a decent embouchure.

You also need to think about the mouthpiece and reed you use. If you can’t afford a new saxophone, you could make your Allora sound better with new accessories.

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Do Music Schools and Teachers Use Allora Instruments?

As with any brand, a few music schools or teachers may use instruments from Allora.

The brand is relatively cheap without sacrificing the quality all that much.

It could be a good option for K-12 music programs that can’t afford anything better. A teacher could use the music budget to invest in a few Allora saxophones to rent out to students.

That can be a more efficient use of funds than buying one Selmer or Yamaha saxophone.

However, many teachers don’t know about Allora, so they don’t even consider it.

Not many teachers and music schools use Allora at the collegiate level.

Music majors and even non-majors who play in college are serious about their instrument, so they probably already have something from a better brand.

Where Are Allora Saxophones Made?

Allora doesn’t state on their website where they make their saxophones.

Third-party forums and other sources claim the brand makes saxophones in Germany and China.

Allora might do that for the student model saxophones. Then, they may produce their intermediate instruments, such as the Paris Series, in Germany.

It’s unclear where the brand makes each model.

Not only do they not list that information on their website, but you also can’t find it on product listings on music retailer websites.

Does the Allora Brand Endorse Any Professional Players?

The Allora brand doesn’t appear to endorse any professional saxophonists or other musicians.

This is probably due to a few reasons, such as the fact that they don’t make any true professional instrument models.

Most professionals want an instrument that meets their needs. That usually means buying a professional or custom saxophone, which Allora doesn’t make.

Even if Allora wanted to endorse professionals, a good brand would contact those professional players first.

The odds are good that most professionals would decline to work with the brand.

They may recommend Allora to students. However, an endorsement often insinuates that the player uses Allora, and it’s not one of the brands you’ll find professionals talk about playing.

Do Any Famous Saxophone Players Play Allora Instruments?

The chance of famous saxophone players playing Allora models is slim to none.

For one, the brand doesn’t make high-level saxophones, so it can’t compete with models from Selmer, Yamaha, and Yanagisawa.

If any famous player does use an Allora instrument, it’s probably not their main saxophone.

A professional could use Allora as their backup instrument when taking their primary sax to the repair shop.

Another option is to use Allora for any doubling instruments. Many saxophonists play different types of saxophones, from the soprano down to the baritone, so you may use Allora for a sax you rarely play.

Some players also double on other woodwinds, such as the clarinet or flute.

Allora could be a useful brand for doubling if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on more instruments.

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What Types of Saxophones Does Allora Make?

Allora makes the four main saxophone sizes: soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. The brand makes 11 models each of alto and tenor saxophones.

You can also find at least four different soprano saxophone models at the student and intermediate levels. Finally, the brand sells two baritone saxophones.

Some of these instruments feature the standard brass lacquer that you’ll find on many student models.

Other models are available with a nickel or gold lacquer finish.

How Does Allora Compare to Other Saxophone Brands?

Allora isn’t one of the best saxophone brands, but it’s also not one of the worst.

It falls near the middle of the pack since you can find it at a few music stores.

You can also shop for Allora saxophones online, which can be more convenient for many people. The prices of Allora saxophones are also in the middle since they’re decently affordable but still cost a bit of money.

Of course, they’re not quite up with Yamaha or Selmer because Allora doesn’t make pro models.

However, they do make some suitable intermediate models, which isn’t true of many cheaper brands.

Who Should Play an Allora Saxophone?

Anyone who wants a good quality saxophone reasonably priced should consider Allora.

You can get a nice student or intermediate model to start or improve your playing.

However, it doesn’t require as much of a budget as more reputable brands. If you really need a saxophone now, you might have enough money to afford Allora.

Beginners and doublers can also enjoy models from this brand.

When you’re looking to learn a second saxophone or to switch from another instrument to the sax, Allora is worth trying.

How Long Will an Allora Saxophone Last?

The lifespan of an Allora saxophone shouldn’t be too much different from other brands.

Allora is confident enough to offer a 3-year warranty that covers damage due to normal use.

That means there’s probably a good chance your saxophone will last at least that long.

Of course, you still need to take good care of the instrument for it to last longer.

If you swab out your saxophone after you play and don’t drop it or leave it out somewhere, it should stay safe. Then, you may get many years of use out of it.

On the other hand, if you’re reckless when using the saxophone, you’ll probably break it soon.

Unfortunately, recklessness won’t qualify for a repair or replacement under warranty.

Can You Repair an Allora Saxophone?

Unless you’re a trained repair technician, you probably can’t repair your Allora saxophone yourself.

However, you can take it to a professional technician.

They’ll have the tools and training necessary to work on your instrument. Be sure to take your saxophone to a professional for annual maintenance whenever something breaks.

If you’re still within the warranty period, you can also contact the retailer where you bought the Allora sax.

Then, you can take advantage of the warranty and get help fixing the instrument.

Final Thoughts

Allora isn’t a super popular brand but can be suitable for students and doublers.

Be sure to consider the different types of saxophones they sell and the materials they use to help select an instrument that works for you.


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