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Is Jupiter A Good Saxophone Brand? (Checked & Compared)

If you want a decent saxophone for a good price, you may wonder if Jupiter is a good saxophone brand.

The company may not be as famous as some, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the brand:

Here’s if Jupiter is a Good Saxophone Brand:

Jupiter falls in the middle of many other saxophone brands in terms of quality. Yamaha and Selmer are a bit better than Jupiter, but Jupiter is much better than cheap brands, such as Mendini or Eastar.

Are Jupiter Saxophones Considered High-Quality?

Jupiter saxophones are some of the best saxophones out there.

They may not have a good reputation as brands such as Selmer, but they still offer good-quality instruments.

The prices of Jupiter saxophones are about the same as Selmer and Yamaha. Of course, these instruments can be out of reach for some people on tight budgets.

However, the cost is well worth it for the quality of the instrument, both in terms of sound and durability.

Investing in a Jupiter saxophone can be an excellent choice.

Does Jupiter Make Good Intermediate and Professional Instruments?

Jupiter makes some excellent intermediate and professional saxophones.

The 1100 Performance series is perfect for advancing saxophonists who need a good sound and response.

You can find this model throughout the entire saxophone range, from soprano down to baritone. There doesn’t appear to be a higher level of models specifically for professionals or saxophone specialists.

However, the quality of the 1100 series is amazing.

You can keep playing it for as long as your saxophone lasts and upgrade the mouthpiece or reed for an even more professional sound.

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Do Jupiter Saxophones Sound Good for Their Price?

I’d say that Jupiter saxophones sound fantastic for their price.

While they’re not the most expensive saxophones, they’re also not the cheapest, so you can expect a better sound than from a knockoff brand.

Of course, you also have to consider who is playing the Jupiter saxophone. Beginners may not sound very good, but that doesn’t mean the beginner models are overpriced.

After some practice, you can improve your sound even without upgrading your instrument.

As you get even better and upgrade to a more advanced model, you can keep sounding great.

Do Music Schools and Teachers Use Jupiter Instruments?

Jupiter lists over 50 educators using Jupiter instruments, from the saxophone to the trumpet.

The odds are good that these teachers also recommend Jupiter instruments to their students.

I’d guess the music schools these teachers work at might stock Jupiter instruments to rent out when students need them. The nice thing about Jupiter instruments is that they’re a reasonable price.

Schools may be able to justify the purchase of a Jupiter saxophone over a Selmer or Yamaha. The school could save a bit of money but still get a durable saxophone that will work for years.

Of course, the educators on Jupiter’s list may not be the only ones who use the brand.

There are thousands of music schools and teachers, so others are likely to use the brand, even if they’re not on the Jupiter website.

Where Are Jupiter Saxophones Made?

Jupiter runs a manufacturing facility in China and one in Taiwan.

They make many student models in the China facility and intermediate models in the Taiwan factory.

It’s unclear if they make professional models or Performance series in those locations. The location of the product may depend on the specific model.

You can look at your Jupiter saxophone to see if it says where it was made.

Many instruments have an engraving, such as on the bell or body of the saxophone.

Does the Jupiter Brand Endorse any Professional Players?

Jupiter has a list of artists on its website of professionals who play a Jupiter instrument.

Not all of those musicians are saxophonists because the company also makes trumpets, trombones, flutes, and other instruments.

However, you can look at the photos of many artists to see if they have a saxophone. Consider the following saxophone players who are Jupiter artists.

Milena Araya

Milena Araya is a Chilean saxophonist who plays the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone.

All of the models she plays are from the 1100 series.

She takes inspiration from many jazz players, such as Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins.

Araya also plays soul and hip hop music on her various saxophones.

Dale Fielder

Another artist is Dale Fielder, and he plays the same four models from the 1100 series as Araya.

Fielder is a jazz saxophonist and composer who especially likes playing the bari sax.

As a baritone player, he takes inspiration from Pepper Adams.

Other artists he likes include Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, two of the most famous saxophonists.

Kevin Gatzke

Kevin Gatzke is a Jupiter saxophone artist and plays a JTS1100, the tenor model from the Performance series.

One of his biggest influences is Michael Brecker. It’s unclear if he plays other saxophones, in general.

If so, Gatzke doesn’t list them on his Jupiter profile, so they probably aren’t from the brand, but that’s okay because we all have different preferences.

Alex Graham

Saxophone professor at Belmont University, Alex Graham is another Jupiter artist.

He plays a JAS1100 and JTS1100, the alto and tenor models from the Performer series.

Outside of teaching, he also performs and composes music. Graham frequently goes on tour and gives clinics at different schools and venues.

Harold Rapp III

Harold Rapp III has played the saxophone on recordings and in live shows all over the world.

As a Jupiter artist, he plays a JAS11oo, the Performance series alto.

Also as a Jupiter artist, he recommends a variety of instruments, from saxophones to trumpets.

He works in the Denver area, and he considers himself to be his favorite solo artist.

Natalie Sax

Natalie Sax is an Australian saxophonist, and she plays a Jupiter JAS1100.

She combines saxophone playing with DJing to bring music to life.

Sax has performed worldwide and is starting to make a name for herself in the music world.

While she’s not a jazz player, she’s proof you don’t have to go into jazz to be a saxophonist.

Majid Torkashvand

Iranian saxophonist Majid Torkashvand plays a Jupiter JSS1100 and a JAS1100.

He also doubles on the clarinet and plays a Jupiter JCL1100S.

Torkashvand also plays the tenor and baritone saxophones. However, it appears those instruments are from brands outside of Jupiter.

What Types of Saxophones Does Jupiter Make?

Jupiter makes soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones.

The brand makes alto and tenor saxophones ranging from student to professional.

Soprano and baritone models start at the intermediate level. However, that’s not uncommon for many brands because most beginners first learn the alto or tenor saxophone.

When you’d want to start learning the soprano or bari, starting on an intermediate model makes sense.

These models are still a more economical option than the Performance series.

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How Does Jupiter Compare to Other Saxophone Brands?

Jupiter may not be as popular, but it’s very similar to Yamaha and Selmer saxophones.

You can find instruments from all of these companies at different price points.

The brands also make all four of the most common types of saxophones. That gives you a good selection of saxophones to choose from when starting the instrument or shopping for an upgrade.

Jupiter is on par with Yamaha and Selmer in terms of sound and quality.

It’s a much better choice than cheaper brands that you’ll only find online.

Who Should Play a Jupiter Saxophone?

Beginners may want to start on a Jupiter alto or tenor saxophone.

This brand can withstand everything a beginner will put it through, and you shouldn’t worry too much about breaking it.

As you advance, you can upgrade to the intermediate and professional models. If you really like the Jupiter sound and response, there’s no reason to switch brands.

Everyone likes different things and different sounds.

Don’t just switch brands because everyone you know plays another brand if you like your current setup.

How Long Will a Jupiter Saxophone Last?

A Jupiter saxophone should last for at least a few years, if not longer.

Of course, you need to take good care of it by storing the sax in its case when you aren’t playing.

Be sure you always swab out the inside to get rid of condensation. If you ever notice the sound start to drop in quality, take it to a repair technician to get some work done.

Also, you need to consider if you bought a new or used Jupiter saxophone.

New instruments will usually last longer because they haven’t been played before.

However, if you buy a used sax that the previous owner took good care of, it should last for quite a while.

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Can You Repair a Jupiter Saxophone?

You may not be able to repair a Jupiter saxophone yourself, but you can take it to a professional.

Repair technicians have the tools and skills to get your Jupiter sax to play like new.

Be sure you look for a technician you trust and don’t be afraid to mail your instrument. You can insure your saxophone during transit in case something happens.

Don’t try any serious repair yourself aside from slightly adjusting a screw here or there.

Without the proper training, you could do more harm than good.

Final Thoughts

Jupiter is an amazing saxophone brand for students through professionals.

Be sure to consider the alto, tenor, soprano, and baritone instruments of all levels to decide which is best for you.


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