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Is Trumpet Fun To Play? 7 Facts And Things To Consider

The trumpet can seem cool to listeners, but is it that fun to play?

Before you pick up the trumpet, you should know if you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s the Short Answer to Whether the Trumpet is Fun to Play:

Playing the trumpet is fun for people who like how the instrument sounds. It also gets to be more fun after learning the basics, such as the embouchure and fingerings. At that point, players can focus on the music instead of the fundamentals, which aren’t as fun or exciting.

Is Trumpet More Fun to Play Than Other Instruments?

Playing an instrument you don’t like will never be fun, so you should at least like the sound of the trumpet when you play it.

That way, you’ll have more fun making music on the instrument yourself.

The trumpet can also be more fun to play because of the parts in different songs. As a solo and ensemble instrument, the trumpet can have difficult parts that showcase what the instrument can do.

Playing the trumpet can sound more interesting to the listener compared to other brass players. However, how fun it is can vary from player to player.

Some musicians may find the trumpet fun, while others will prefer the French horn or tuba.

Does Playing the Trumpet Bring Joy to the Player?

Playing the trumpet can bring joy to the player as long as the player likes the sound.

It can also be easier for a player to find joy playing when they have some performance experience. Knowing how to play the different notes and hit the correct partials can make playing any brass instrument more exciting.

Fortunately, the trumpet is featured in different musical styles, so there’s something for everyone. Even if you don’t like playing orchestral music, you may love playing jazz, so focusing on that will bring you joy.

Playing either alone or with others can also help make trumpet playing more fun.

If you prefer one way or the other, you can look for works that have you playing in a setting that you enjoy.

Do Trumpeters Get to Play the Fun Parts in Orchestras?

Trumpeters can play some of the fun parts in orchestras.

They often have the melody either alone or with instruments such as violins, clarinets, and flutes. Some of the lower trumpet parts may also play the harmony, which can be fun but not as interesting as the melody.

An orchestra can have two to four trumpets in one piece, so there are plenty of chances to play interesting music. However, if you’re the third or fourth player, you may not play on every piece.

That means you will have to sit through rehearsals or concerts with nothing to do for a good chunk of time.

Some of the most fun trumpet parts in orchestras come from concertos.

If you get the chance, you can play a trumpet concerto and stand in front of the ensemble as you play your solo.

How Can You Make Playing the Trumpet More Fun?

Depending on your interests and playing level, you can make playing the trumpet more fun in a few ways.

Whether you decide to play songs you enjoy or focus on a skill like improvisation, you don’t have to be bored when you play.

If anything, boredom is a good sign that you should change something with your trumpet playing. Then, you’ll always have something to look forward to when you pick up your instrument.

Consider the following ways to make playing the trumpet more fun.

1. Play What You Like

One of the easiest ways to make trumpet playing more fun is to play the music you enjoy.

You may not always get to play the music you find fun, especially if you’re in music school or have other requirements. Whether you like classical, jazz, or other genres, you can probably find trumpet music you like.

If you enjoy classical music, you can find many solos and orchestral excerpts online or in music books. To learn jazz, look for a book of jazz solos for the trumpet.

Other genres to consider include pop, mariachi, and soul. You can search for music on YouTube to find recordings, and then, you can either buy the music or learn the songs by ear.

2. Join a Group

Playing the trumpet by yourself can be fun, but it can also get monotonous at times.

If you want to spice things up, look for a music group in your areas, such as an orchestra or big band. You can join the group and play as part of the trumpet section, so you can play more music than you could alone.

Joining a music group can also help motivate you to practice, which is great if you haven’t done so in a while. When you play with others, they’ll be counting on you to know your part.

You can use that motivation to practice and make your practice sessions more interesting.

3. Take Trumpet Lessons

Another way to play with someone else is to take private trumpet lessons.

Now, these can get expensive, depending on where you live and how many lessons you take per month, but your teacher can help you find music that’s fun for you to play, and you can play duets during your lessons.

If you can’t join a local music group, lessons will allow you to connect with at least one other musician. A teacher will also help you choose pieces that fit your skills and make playing more fun.

Your teacher may know of different exercises and ways to keep playing interesting.

Then, you can use those exercises in your own practice sessions, and you won’t find playing as much of a chore.

4. Explore Improvisation

Especially if you like playing jazz, you should learn how to improvise on the trumpet.

Improvising is essential when playing a solo during a jazz band piece, but it’s also a fun way to test your skills and make playing the trumpet more fun.

You can choose a key or chord progression to use as the basis for your improvisation. Then, you can create a melody to match the key and chords as you play.

Next time you’re in a jazz band, you’ll be able to use those skills. Improvising isn’t as common in classical music, but it’s still a great way to have some fun.

5. Balance Easy and Hard Concepts

When playing the trumpet, you need to balance learning new things and working on what you already know.

If you focus too much on hard concepts, you’ll frustrate yourself. On the other hand, not learning anything new will get boring after a while.

Finding a balance will allow you to work on things you can already play, but you’ll still have a challenge. That way, you can work on the easy stuff when you don’t feel like practicing much.

But you can keep from getting tired of the music you already know. Working with a teacher can help you find this balance, but you may also be able to find it yourself with the right list of exercises and songs to play.

6. Determine Your Strengths

Another thing to do is to figure out your strongest areas as a trumpet player.

Some musicians have difficulty playing the high notes well, so they focus on the lower registers, but other players can hit the highest notes with ease to play the first and second trumpet parts.

Knowing your strengths can help you choose music and parts that make sense for your playing. That way, you won’t have to struggle to sound good on your instrument.

Instead, you can play what you’re good at and allow others to do the same. Everyone will be able to enjoy the music when you all focus on what makes you unique.

7. Upgrade Your Trumpet

If you’ve tried everything but find playing the trumpet frustrating, consider it if it’s time for a new instrument.

Sometimes, you may not get the tone you want, which can discourage you from playing, but you might need to get a different trumpet or mouthpiece.

While upgrading can be expensive, it might be necessary to revitalize your love of the trumpet. You can start with a new mouthpiece, which doesn’t cost as much as an instrument.

Then, you may decide to buy a new trumpet to help sound better. Soon enough, you’ll look forward to playing, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Final Thoughts

The trumpet can be fun for some players but annoying for others.

Be sure to consider if you like the sound of the instrument.

Then, you can choose the music you like and join a group to play with more people. Or you can play yourself if that’s what excites you.


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