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Happy Birthday Notes For Trumpets (Super-Easy Chart)

Here’s a super-easy notation of the Happy Birthday song for trumpets. It’s noted in the key of F major where we need to remember the Bb flat.

I have listed the different finger positions used in this notation below the notes.

Happy Birthday song noted for trumpet beginners in F major key

Finger positions used:

  • C – no vales pressed
  • D – press 1st + 3rd valve
  • E – press 1st + 2nd valve
  • F – press 1st valve
  • G – no vales pressed
  • A – press 1st + 2nd valve
  • Bb – press 1st valve
  • C – no vales pressed

How Hard is it to Play Happy Birthday On Trumpet?

The Happy Birthday song is a great song for beginner trumpet players. It’s really easy as there are no quick runs or swift finger changes.

It’s a steady pace and you should be able to master this song within a few attempts if you have played the trumpet for a few months and know how to get a good clear tone.

How do I play Happy Birthday on the trumpet?

Here’s a video that shows you exactly how to play the song.

It’s the same key and notation as displayed on the note chart at the top of this page.

You can see the finger positions on the video which will help if you don’t know exactly how to position your fingers on the instrument.

What is the easiest key to play “Happy Birthday” on a trumpet?

The easiest key for this song is probably F major, as we have also laid out in the notation sheet at the top of this page that you can print out for your convenience.

If you choose to play the happy birthday song in the key of C, where you have no flats or sharps to take into account, you will have to start the melody on the lower or upper C on the trumpet.

Good luck nailing that song for the next birthday – the trumpet was made for festive occasions and celebrating!