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Where Is My Trumpet Made? (26 Brands Checked)

Where a trumpet is being made can say a lot about the quality of the product. It’s also nice to know if you prefer stuff that’s made in USA.

We have listed the brands alphabetically!

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Allora trumpets are mostly produced in China.

Older horns and trumpets from the Allora brand were produced in Germany by the B&S company. However, the trumpets you find in the stores today are all produced in Asia.

Allora produce trumpets in the $400-$1,300 price range and they are are popular among students.

Allora offers a 3-year warranty on the instruments.


Andalucia trumpets are made in China and Taiwan with a management team from England, Germany, and Japan.

The parts used for the trumpets come from different continents but the plants are based in China and Taiwan.

The trumpets cost around $1,000-$1500.

Andalucia is probably more known for their flugelhorns than the trumpet models.


B&S trumpets are made in Markneykirchen, Germany.

The factories also produce oboe and clarinets and a few other trumpet brands such as Besson. B&S has produced trumpets in Germany for more than 250 years.

B&S is a wellknown brand with a good reputation and Germany is famous for its long tradition of good craftsmanship and good engineering.


The popular Vincent Bach Stradivarius trumpets are made in Elkhart, Indiana while the cheaper student trumpets are made in Eastlake, Ohio.

The founder, Vinzenz Schrottenbach was born in Austria but emigrated to New York where he started the Selmer brand.

The bach trumpet is owned by the Selmer Company today after the founder sold it in 1964.

The Bach Stradivarius 37 is the most-sold professional trumpet and you can read more about the company and the quality of Bach trumpets here.


The professional Besson trumpets are made in Germany and France, and the cheaper student models are made in Delhi, India.

Until 1948, Besson trumpets were made in London, England but after the company got acquired by the Buffet Crampon group, the production was moved to Germany, England, and India.

Besson trumpets are famous for their great sound and quality.

The Besson 100 series is popular among students for its good price and quality.


Bundy trumpets are student models made by the Selmer company.

From 1940 they were produced in Paris, France, and after 1958 the Bundy trumpets are made in Elkhart, Indiana. The Bundy line of trumpets went out of production in 1983.

Bundy trumpets are fine student trumpets and they are still popular even though they are discontinued.


Cannonball trumpets are made in two factories in Taiwan.

The instruments are then shipped to the factory in Sandy, Utah where the instruments are being assembled and customized. The production line started in 2006, and they are still in production.

The Cannonball company is most known for its line of saxophones.

They made these for a decade before they started making trumpets.


Conn-Selmer trumpets have been made in Elkhart, Indiana since 1873.

Conn-Selmer was the first brand to produce trumpets in the USA. The Con company later added new factories in Eastlake, Ohio, as well as Monroe, North Carolina.

Conn-Selmer is the company behind the mos-sold trumpet, the Bach Stradivarius model 37.


Eastman trumpets are made in Tianjin, China, and the factory is owned and managed by the Eastman company.

The Eastman company also has a brass factory in Holliston, Massachusettes for custom brass instruments and repairs.

The reviews are mixed and some trumpeters report on the Eastman trumpets having a weak spot in the upper tonal range.

The Eastman company is also known for its line of guitars.


Etude trumpets are made in China, and they only offer a line of cheap student trumpets.

The instruments are often shipped from China which can cause customs fees and delayed deliveries.

Etude trumpets are cheap student models and you shouldn’t expect too much from the sound and quality.


All Getzen trumpets are made in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

All parts of the trumpets are made in the USA, and the founder, Brett Getzen takes great pride in a line of instruments that are 100% American-made.

Getzen has a fine line of student trumpets as well as special trumpets such as the piccolo trumpet, and many other models.

Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste trumpets are made in Germany and China.

The TP900S is made in Germany by B&S, and the student models are mostly made in China.

The Jean Baptiste brand is owned by the Sam Ash Music Brand in Prussia, Pennsylvania.

The Jean Baptiste trumpets are fine beginner’s models, but if you’re looking for a good intermediate or professional trumpet, you should go for a brand such as Bach or Yamaha.

Jean Paul

Jean Paul trumpets are made in China and many times they are also shipped directly from China when bought online.

The Jean Paul company is based in the U.S. but the production is in China. They are mostly sold online.

Jean Paul trumpets get very mixed reviews.

Some people like these trumpets for their price while others say that you should get a good used model instead. Or they will say that you had better spend your money on a better instrument entirely.


Jupiter trumpets are made in Taiwan and China.

The more expensive models are produced in Taiwan and the beginner’s models are made in China. The Taiwan factory has also produced trumpets for B&S and the Evette brand by Buffet Crampon.

Jupiter trumpets are fine beginner and intermediate instruments. The prices range from $1,100-$1,400.


Kaizer instruments are made partly in the USA and other countries.

We believe the trumpets are made outside the U.S. as there are no mentioning of an American factory on the company page or anywhere else online.

The Kaizer brand only produce student trumpets. They cost from $140-$380.


King trumpets are made in Anaheim, California, or Eastlake, Ohio.

The King brand is owned by Conn-Selmer and they have always been produced in the United States. They are well-known for good American quality and craftmanship.

The King brand is found in many stores and they are great trumpets for intermediate players.


Levante trumpets are made in China.

They are cheap student models found in Walmart, Amazon, and other online stores.

They can work alright for beginners but they are nothing special.


Early Lotus trumpet models were made in Germany.

Today, most parts are made in Italy, and the trumpets are assembled in Poland.

The company does not have a central office but is spread across several countries as a collaborative project by the trumpeter Adam Rapa.

Adam Rapa puts his name on these trumpets. He’s a well-respected jazz trumpeter and it will be interesting to see where this new company is going.

Mendini / Cecilio

The Mendini trumpets are made by Cecilio in China and then shipped to Rancho Cucamonga, California for inspection.

They are beginner models and they are low priced.

You mostly find Mendini trumpets online and they cost as little as $100. They are only used by students and beginners.


The Phaeton company is located in Barrington, Illinois.

However, the trumpets are partly made in China and USA. You will have to check the serial number to know where any specific model has been made.


Schagerl trumpets are made in Austria.

They produce high-quality professional trumpets and they are well-known for superb quality. The trumpets are produced locally in Austra.

The Schagerl brand has a very good reputation across the world and they have been around for more than 50 years.


Schilke trumpets are produced in Melrose Park, Illinois. This is also where you find the main office and the design department.

This is also where they produce valve oil for the instruments and grease for the tuning pipes.

The Schilke trumpets are professional trumpets that cost around $2,500-$4,000.

Here are 9 Trumpet Brands That Are Made Specifically in the USA!

Smith Watkins

Smith Watkins trumpets are made in York, England.

They produce trumpets and fanfare trumpets for the British Ministry of defense and they are also popular among brass bands and marching bands.

The Smith Watkins trumpets are priced around $1,200-$2,000 and they are mostly found in Europe.


Stagg trumpets are made in China and they are sold in several American online stores as well as a few regular stores.

They are cheap beginner models. The quality is what you would expect from cheap China trumpets.

Stagg trumpets are really cheap beginner models. They typically cost around $200-$400.


Stomvi trumpets are made in Xirivella, Spain. Here they produce trumpets models for students and for intermediate trumpeters.

The Stomvi company also manufactures three lines of mouthpieces for trumpets and other brass instruments.

Stomvi trumpets are priced from $1,400 – $3,500 and they are beautiful instruments. It’s easy to see that they also produce jewellery. They have a trumpet that is half silver finish and half gold finish.

The Stomvi company is mostly known for their line of jewellery.


Yamaha trumpets are made in Japan, China, the USA, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

You need to refer to the specific number on the trumpet to figure out where it was made. Student models are typically made in China, while the more expensive model is made in Japan.

Yamaha trumpets are among the most sold and most popular trumpets in the world. They are famous for high quality and a strong build.

I own a 1986 YTR 2220 Yamaha trumpet and it stil plays like a dream!