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Are Buescher Trumpets Any Good? (An Honest Review)

Buescher was a popular trumpet brand in the mid-1900s. It was bought by the Conn-Selmer company in 1963 and eventually discontinued in 1983.

When Yamaha started making more efficient and modern trumpets, the Buescher brand couldn’t keep up, but Buescher still has a niche audience that loves its horns.

They remain today as a vintage brand that some professionals collect. These trumpets still have a great sound but lack the modern construction of new instruments.

Let’s discuss Buescher trumpets to see whether they are worth buying:

The Quality of Buescher Trumpets

Buescher trumpets are all vintage models. Buescher is also inexpensive. Because they are pre-owned, they are priced significantly less than new professional models. On eBay, the price range for this brand is between $225 and $1,000.

How Difficult are Buescher Trumpets to Play?

Because Buescher trumpets are all pre-owned, they may be difficult to play.

Every model that exists today was manufactured decades ago. They have gone through years of use, which may affect their current sound.

Most vintage trumpets have dents and dings. This is natural to an instrument’s aging process, but it may affect how the trumpet sounds.

If there are serious dents near the valves, the trumpet will probably need repairs.

Even though every Buescher trumpet will have different levels of wear, most of them have great valves. Many vintage trumpets have poorly functioning valves due to age, but trumpet players love the smooth quality of Buescher valves.

Buescher trumpets are known for their free-blowing sound and easy response. They have a great reputation among professional trumpet players.

The Buescher 400 Truetone has a leadpipe that goes directly into the third valve block. This creates a much freer air column.

This model also has a bell garland which adds more stability to the instrument.

Trumpet players also mention that Buescher trumpets have great compression. This allows players to move between notes easily.

What Genres are Buescher Trumpets Good For?

Many trumpet players claim that Buescher trumpets can handle whatever genre you want to play.

They are versatile instruments that have been used for both classical and jazz.

One of the most famous jazz trumpet players, Louis Armstrong, played some songs with a Buescher Truetone. In the late 1920s, jazz was becoming wildly popular, and Armstrong successfully played in this style with a Buescher.

If Louis Armstrong loved these instruments, they most likely are great for playing jazz. They can also perform well in classical styles.

Modern trumpet brands have new, innovative construction that allows them to play extremely well. Although Buescher trumpets are unique and can handle many styles, modern brands can probably out-perform them.

Professionals only buy these horns. Players want them to have a unique sound for solo-playing. They also can be an interesting collector’s item.

Beginners and intermediate players should not buy these horns. Although some players love them, younger players would benefit from playing modern trumpets.

How Long Do Buescher Trumpets Last?

It’s safe to say that Buescher trumpets last a long time.

All existing Buescher models are vintage, meaning they have been played for decades. Despite the years of wear and tear from multiple owners, they still play beautifully.

This trumpet brand was designed and produced in the mid-1900s, so every model was made by hand. During this time, they focused on making high-quality instruments that would last for years.

This is why you can find many models of Buescher trumpets for sale on eBay.

Buying pre-owned, vintage instruments always comes with the risk of getting a damaged horn, but you have to inspect each picture for potential issues carefully.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Buescher is a vintage brand that no longer produces new instruments.

Because of this, their trumpets are no longer sold by music retailers. You can’t find reviews of this brand on Woodwind and Brasswind or Guitar Center.

However, we checked the reviews of Buescher trumpets on these three websites:

  • YouTube
  • Trumpet Herald
  • Buescher Loyalist

In a YouTube video, a reviewer named Trent Austin had many positive things to say about his Buescher trumpet. He appreciated that his 1942 Buescher 400 225 TrueTone model still had a beautiful honey-brown lacquer.

When he played on his model, he noted that it had a dark tone. Despite being pre-owned, it was able to play a wide range of notes.

He was able to play at different volumes with different styles efficiently. The trumpet could easily handle any music excerpt that he chose.

See for yourself why Trent chose this horn as his favorite vintage trumpet!

In another review, Buescher is appreciated for its high-quality valves.

A trumpet player named Trent Hamilton found that his 1937 Buescher Aristocrat had valves that were light to the touch. He does mention that the springs may have been affected by years of wear.

His model has a very bright tone. Even though he has used a variety of mouthpieces, his sound is still piercing and not mellow. This would best suit a lead trumpet player.

To hear what an Aristocrat trumpet sounds like, check out this video.

On Trumpet Herald forums, trumpet players generally agree that Buescher trumpets are great vintage horns.

These older models have a great reputation and have become collected by professional trumpet players.

A few reviewers on the discussion forum claim that these instruments have great tonality and solid construction. Their valves continue to work well even after years of use.

On a website called Buescher Loyalist, there is a collection of reviews from Buescher owners. One player mentions that their trumpet can play with a dark or bright sound depending on the mouthpiece. It is an incredibly versatile instrument.

Another reviewer claims that Buescher trumpets do a great job of staying in tune. As long as you are a good player who naturally stays in tune, this horn will have great intonation.

If your intonation varies on a modern instrument, you probably won’t stay in tune with a Buescher.

How Long is the Warranty on Buescher Trumpets?

Unfortunately, Buescher warranties are expired because the brand no longer exists.

If you buy one of their vintage instruments on eBay, you have 30 days to return your order.

You can also buy a one-year protection plan. eBay offers this warranty through SquareTrade, and it costs an extra $49.99.

What Gear Do You Get With a Buescher Trumpet?

Buescher no longer manufactures new instruments.

If you buy this brand, you’ll have to get a pre-owned one. Because of this, your Buescher trumpet won’t come with additional cleaning products or modern tools.

On eBay or other retailers of pre-owned instruments, you’ll receive the gear that the seller gives you. Usually, you will get the instrument, a mouthpiece, and a case.

Occasionally, the seller will leave extra items in the case. You might get an extra mouthpiece or mute.

It’s a good idea to carefully check the description and photos of whatever you are looking to buy. Any extra items should be listed in the description.

Final Thoughts

Buescher trumpets have a niche audience of professional players that loves to buy their brand.

These trumpet players usually don’t use these instruments as their primary horns, though.

Buescher is a vintage brand that professional players like to collect. Most models are in great shape even after decades of wear. They are versatile and produce a solid tone and intonation.

Because this brand is discontinued, you can only find pre-owned Buescher instruments. Players have to buy these models on websites like eBay, and it can be hard to know if a particular trumpet is still in good shape.

Professional players can highly benefit from playing on a Buescher. However, beginners and intermediate players should stick to modern brands because of their advanced construction.


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