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6 Best Trumpets For Blues and Big Bands [Buying Guide]

Improvising is a major part of the jazz genre.

It is also prevalent in playing the blues or within big bands. When trumpet players get the chance to improvise, they need a horn with projection to easily be heard over the other instruments.

Let’s discuss which trumpet models are ideal for this genre:

Here Are the Best Trumpets for Blues and Big Bands:

Blues or big band trumpeters need an instrument that allows for great tone and intonation. For these genres, the best trumpets are the Yamaha YTR-6335, Getzen 900S Eterna, Jupiter 1100S, Bach 19037, Blessing BTR-1460G, and the Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series.

1. Yamaha YTR-6335 Series Bb Trumpet

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Many trumpet players pick Yamaha as their brand of choice because of its dedication to quality.

Yamaha has produced many different trumpet models, but the YTR-6335 excels within the blues/jazz genre.

Yamaha carefully crafted this trumpet to be the superior choice for professional musicians. With a high-quality design, any player can have great success in big bands.

The YTR-6335 was constructed with a one-piece yellow brass bell that has a diameter of 123 mm. This ensures that every player has a bright, clear tone. It also offers some stability, which is crucial for playing during extended practice sessions.

This trumpet has a slightly smaller bore size, around .459 inches. This goes perfectly with the design of the bell, giving more power and control to the tone.

It’s important to note that this instrument was designed for professional players. For intermediate players, the smaller bore size might be troublesome to deal with. Newer players often struggle with making good sounds on this bore size.

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The YTR-6335 is perfect for jazz. It has a medium weight, allowing each player to project their sound and versatility in what they can play.

This trumpet is not only powerful but has a great tone as well. The balance between the bore and bell creates a versatile sound that can blend with an ensemble or stand out during a solo.

2. Getzen 900S Eterna

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Getzen is another brand that is well-known in the trumpet community.

If you’re looking for a great instrument for playing jazz, classical, or any other genre, the Getzen 900S Eterna is a great choice.

This trumpet produces a dark, round sound that won’t leave you disappointed during your solo playing. This distinctive tone can improve your playing experience, but you will also be able to blend well with other players.

The yellow brass bell can create a clear sound, but it was manufactured with two pieces, so it may not be as resonant as other professional models. However, the 4.75-inch diameter of the bell allows for much more control.

The Getzen 900S Eterna was built with hand-lapped silver slides that allow trumpet players to adjust their intonation quickly. At the professional level, this is a vital part of great trumpet playing. Getzen’s slide design offers reliable moving parts that fight against corrosion and grime.

With a bore size of .460, you can achieve a good amount of projection. This is effective in playing blues, but this trumpet has a very versatile sound quality. When playing on a Getzen 900S Eterna, you can use your trumpet to play any genre in any setting.

To hear the dark, professional sound quality of a Getzen 900s Eterna, check out this demo by A & G Central Music:

3. Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet 1100S

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The Jupiter 1100S was designed to fit the needs of beginner to intermediate jazz players.

This trumpet is easy to play and has many additional features to give you a great start in learning jazz and blues styles. With a reverse leadpipe, the Jupiter 1100S allows each player to have a good level of control over every note.

Because of this, students can effectively keep their instruments in tune while experimenting with style. They are free to be expressive without worrying about their tone or intonation being affected.

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Because the Jupiter 1100S was designed for students, it is comfortable to hold.¬†This is due to the adjustable third valve slide ring. A student won’t struggle in carrying their trumpet or adjusting their intonation while playing.

The Monel pistons require some extra maintenance, but they prevent corrosion and allow students to play smoothly. Because they are of higher quality, they won’t have as much wear and tear as regular beginner trumpet valves.

As a student trumpet, this model is expensive. However, it is a great instrument that encourages players to learn and experiment with new genres.

If a student plans to keep playing for years, this model is a good investment.

4. Bach 190S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

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Every trumpet player has heard of a Bach Stradivarius.

They have a reputation for being the best professional trumpets because of their quality in sound and construction.

Although the 180S37 model had massive popularity, it is now considered vintage. Bach made a 19037 to improve the previous, well-loved trumpet, only updating it with a few modern features.

The Bach 19037 is a great choice for all-around playing. Whether using it for classical or jazz styles, your playing can improve with this instrument.

This trumpet model has a good amount of resonance but keeps a centered tone. This is because of its medium-large bore, .459 inches, and the one-piece yellow brass bell. The bell was also hand-hammered, showing that Bach is dedicated to the quality of each of its instruments.

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You can rely on having a natural hand position while playing a Bach 19037. Although it is a professional horn, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to play.

It was constructed with an adjustable third valve slide ring and an adjustable first slide thumb saddle. With these features, you can adjust your intonation while playing, and you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of your hands.

With Monel pistons, corrosion and other buildup are properly prevented. This modern feature allows each player to finger notes quickly and smoothly. When learning rhythmically complicated jazz music, this comes in handy.

Although the Bach 19037 can be expensive, it will last for years. Many trumpet players enjoy using this trumpet because of its high-quality construction, playability, and sound quality.

5. Blessing BTR-1460G

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For intermediate trumpet players, you can’t go wrong with a Blessing BTR-1460G Bb trumpet.

The Blessing BTR-1460G has a slightly heavier body, which adds stability to the instrument. Players won’t have difficulty holding this trumpet because of the added first valve thumb saddle and third valve slide ring.

Blessing trumpets were created to offer a professional playing experience at an affordable price. This makes it more accessible for intermediate students, as they can play trumpets with professional features without the big price tag.

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When playing lead trumpet, you could choose the silver plate finish. This will ensure that your sound is unique and bright enough to be heard over the other instruments.

Many trumpet players love the Blessing BTR-1460, saying that it has a colorful sound rich in overtones. It allows each player to have the flexibility for expression without sacrificing tone or intonation.

Whether you are playing in a jazz band, a concert, or yourself, the BTR-1460 is a great choice.

For an in-depth look at this trumpet, see this review by Music & Arts!

6. Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series

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Yamaha’s Xeno series is its professional line of trumpets that is key to bringing both power and expression to any piece of music.

Xenos are revered for their quality in tone, playability, and craftsmanship.

The YTR-8335RS is a heavier trumpet, making it produce a consistently solid tone. When playing this trumpet, you’ll find that the sound is focused and rich.

Being expressive is an important part of playing the blues or jazz. With the reverse tuning slide on this Xeno, it offers enough control so that you can experiment with expression.

The overall construction of this trumpet is extremely high quality. It has a one-piece hand-hammered bell, Monel pistons, and hand-lapped sides. Because it wasn’t mass-produced like cheaper trumpets, you can know that this trumpet is worth the price.

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Even though this Yamaha has a slightly heavier build, it doesn’t feel off-balance. When holding it, there is an evenness that allows for comfortable playing. There are also tuning slide braces to help every player have a natural hand position.

Yamaha constructed the YTR-8335RS to focus on playability. Designed for the professional player, it provides a solid tone and rich sound that is complimentary to all music styles. With this trumpet, you can have better control over intonation while maintaining expression.

Final Thoughts

When first learning how to play in the jazz or blues genre styles, we’d recommend using either a Blessing BTR-1460G or a Jupiter 1100S.

These intermediate horns allow students to experiment with expression without the high price tag of professional trumpets.

For professionals, the best trumpets for the blues genre are the Yamaha YTR-6335, Getzen 900S Eterna,  Bach 19037, and the Yamaha YTR-8335RS Xeno Series. Any of these instruments will give a stable, rich tone and intonation. You can play a wide variety of music with any of these trumpet options.

Sometimes, it’s not the instrument but the player. Playing jazz or the blues requires a lot of diligent hard work, including many hours of practicing.

You can even learn new techniques on your current trumpet!


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