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10 Great Eb Trumpets You Should Consider (Cheap To High-End)

Do you want to expand your trumpet playing and add an Eb trumpet to your collection?

Before buying the first one you find, consider if it’s even a good model. If it’s not, you can keep from wasting your money and time.

Eastman ETR540S (Budget Pick):

The Eastman ETR540S is an amazing trumpet in Eb. It features silver plating on the outside to help get some of the bright sounds silver can offer.

Yellow brass makes up the instrument’s bulk, so it’s a good quality choice for advancing players who want to play a different type of trumpet.

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This model features a .468″ bore, which is relatively large for Eb trumpets. Meanwhile, it has a handspun bell that can help project your sound over a large ensemble. The bell also has wire reinforcements to help you play for as long as you want.

It’s much more affordable than some other Eb trumpets, so it’s great if you want to test out the instrument. Plus, you get a mouthpiece and case, and you can play the model in the key of D as well.

Bach 189 Stradivarius Series (Overall Winner):

Many trumpet players love the Bb models from Bach, and the Bach 189 Stradivarius Series Eb trumpet is just as good.

This model has a .459″ bore, which can help you get a fantastic sound. The #239 taper bell also helps get that sound out and around the room where you play.

You can get a resonant, clear tone, and the trumpet responds quickly. It features yellow brass under a layer of silver plating, so it looks and sounds amazing.

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Plus, the Monel piston valves move up and down smoothly to help you play all of the notes. This trumpet also comes with a set of D slides so that you can play it in the key of D.

You’ll also receive a mouthpiece, and everything comes in a case to help protect your instrument and accessories.

Schilke E3L:

The Schilke E3L offers fantastic intonation and a nice balance of resistance yet free blowing.

You can choose from silver and gold plating to get your desired look and sound. Either way, this Eb trumpet sounds amazing alone or in an orchestra or other group.

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It has a medium bore measuring .450 inches, and there’s a medium taper leading to the bell. The bell also has a tunable design to help you switch between Eb and D tuning.

There’s a first valve thumb saddle and a third valve fixed ring to help you hold the instrument comfortably.

You can play this trumpet throughout the registers without having to work too hard. It even comes with a mouthpiece and a case, so you can start playing it when you receive it.

Schilke E3L-4:

If you like the other Schilke Eb trumpet, you may enjoy the Schilke E3L-4, with four valves instead of three.

Many features are the same, such as a .450″ bore and a yellow brass instrument with silver or gold plating. However, this model has a quicker taper near the bell than the standard E3L.

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You can easily project your sound with this model, thanks to the quick taper. The extra valve extends the range of the Eb trumpet down a fourth so that you can play more notes.

Those features make this trumpet ideal for use in a large orchestra.

You can choose from gold or silver plating to get the sound and look you want. Both options are great for serious trumpet players who want to play the Eb trumpet more.

Yamaha YTR-6610S:

The Yamaha YTR-6610S is an excellent Eb trumpet at an even better price.

It features hand-lapped Monel pistons and slides and a hammered one-piece bell. Those features make playing this trumpet easy and enjoyable, so you can focus on the music rather than getting the instrument to make a sound.

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Yamaha uses pressure to form the tube perfectly circular and help air move smoothly. Meanwhile, the laser-fused pluzuma welded bell minimizes the appearance of a seam to help further you get a good tone.

This trumpet also uses a rose gold leadpipe, which can help you get a warmer sound, especially with the medium bore. It also comes with D tuning slides so that you can change keys.

Yamaha YTR-9610:

If you like Yamaha trumpets, you should also consider the Yamaha YTR-9610.

This model features a one-piece bell with a seam that runs lengthwise, so it connects well to the body for smooth vibrations in your sound. On the other end is a gold brass leadpipe that is resistant but offers a good response.

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The bore is relatively small at just .445 inches, but that can help you focus your sound. Like other Yamaha trumpets, this one uses pressure to form the tubing into a nice cylinder to help direct your air through the trumpet.

You can swap out the first and third slides to switch this trumpet between Eb and D. Plus, and the first and third slides have a thumb saddle and fixed ring to help you tune.

Everything, including a mouthpiece, comes in a protective case.

Yamaha YTR-9636:

The Yamaha YTR-9636 is an excellent option for players who own and play the Chicago Artist Model trumpets.

It has an S-shaped leadpipe that helps you get a good response without compromising on your intonation. The leadpipe taper is similar to Yamaha C trumpets to help you switch between the two.

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This model has a .459″ bore so that you can get a big sound from the small trumpet. Meanwhile, the bell is 4 and 7/8ths of an inch, and it can project your sound throughout a large orchestra hall.

The yellow brass and silver plating help you get a great sound out of the instrument.

This one features a first valve thumb saddle and a third valve fixed ring like many other trumpets. If you ever need to play trumpet in D, you can swap out the first and third valves and the main tuning slide accordingly. You’ll also get a mouthpiece and a case to hold everything.

Bach AE190:

If you don’t need an Eb trumpet that also plays in D, you may consider the Bach AE190.

This trumpet’s hand-hammered bell has a flat rim. Along with special acoustic treatment, that bell can help you get a unique tone that responds well so that you can play more easily.

The Monel pistons work well to help you play more technical passages. This model also features a .462″ bell that can help you get a bigger tone than some Eb trumpets.

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You’ll receive two sets of valve guides to help customize your performance, and you can choose from plastic and brass.

Another amazing feature of the AE190 is the extended third valve slide stop rod that lets you play down to a low F. While it’s not exactly like the Schilke E3L-4, it’s useful if you don’t want to have an extra valve.

However, you’ll need to buy a mouthpiece separately.

B&S EXE Artist Signature X-Series:

The B&S EXE Artist Signature X-Series is somewhat smaller than other models, but it’s worth considering.

It has a 4.528″ bell and a .448″ bore to help you get a focused, brilliant tone. That bell has a flat rim to help provide a better response, so you don’t have to work as hard to get a sound out.

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Malcolm McNab, a studio recording artist, helped design the instrument perfect for serious trumpet players. You can use the first valve thumb saddle, and the third valve fixed ring to tune and hold the instrument as you play.

The silver finish also helps you get a nice tone to enjoy your playing.

Sadly, you won’t get tuning slides that make this trumpet play in the key of D., But it still works great for playing solo or in a group, and you can make your sound stand out.

B&S 3117JH Challenger II:

Another amazing trumpet to consider when shopping for an Eb model is the B&S 3117JH Challenger II.

It features a leadpipe with a standard taper, and the yellow brass material helps you get a nice sound. The overall silver finish looks good and also helps with your tone.

There are four valves to get a wider range on the instrument than other models. The third and fourth valves have a water key to keep condensation and spit from building up.

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You also get a third valve fixed ring with stop and a first valve trigger so that you can adjust your intonation.

This trumpet features a tunable bell so that you can play in Eb and E rather than D. If you need a trumpet in E, you may want to get this one so that you don’t need multiple trumpets in your collection.

How Much Should You REALLY Pay for Eb Trumpets?

The amount you should pay for an Eb trumpet depends on a few factors, such as the instrument level and your budget. 

If you want to test out the Eb trumpet, you may want to get a more affordable model, such as from Eastman. In that case, stick to a budget of $2,000 to $3,000.

However, if you’re more serious about the Eb trumpet, you can spend closer to $4,000 or even $5,000. Eb trumpet specialists may be able to justify spending even more for an instrument with more features. 

That way, they can play the instrument and get more use out of it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best Eb trumpet is very personal, and what works for a friend may not work for you. 

Be sure to consider some of the best models on the market. Think about your level of playing and how much you want to spend. 

Then, you can select an Eb trumpet that meets your needs.


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