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Is Trumpet Or Guitar Harder To Learn? (Explained)

Both trumpet and guitar are extremely well-known instruments, so it can be hard to decide which to choose as a beginner.

You’ll want to have an enjoyable experience with music, so you might be wondering: which one is easier?

Neither instrument is a walk in the park, but many beginners decide to start learning guitar as their first instrument.

Let’s discuss why guitar might be easier to learn than trumpet:

Here’s an Idea of Trumpet Vs. Guitar Difficulty:

The guitar is an easier instrument because it doesn’t require you to learn an embouchure, breath control, or proper tone. Once a person learns the basic technique of playing chords and strumming, they can play any song.

Is the Trumpet or the Guitar Easier to Play?

A guitar has six strings, each sounding like a different note.

When a person plays guitar, their left hand presses down on certain strings to make chords.

Although guitar can seem daunting, there are a few basic chords that beginners memorize. These chords are used in many different popular songs, so a beginner can learn how to play various songs with just a few chords.

Guitar has two fundamentals: chords and strumming. The most difficult part of learning guitar can be bar chords.

Beginners often find bar chords challenging and sometimes painful.

To play these chords, your left index finger presses down across all the strings with equal pressure. The other fingers press down on different strings to form a chord. Many beginners struggle to make a bar chord, but you can play any chord once you master how much pressure to apply.

Although playing guitar can be painful when playing bar chords and can leave callouses on your fingertips, playing trumpet is much more challenging.

Differences with the Trumpet:

When playing trumpet, you not only have to think about hand placement but also breath control.

Most people are not used to the deep breathing required to play the trumpet, so it takes more time to learn how to play notes.

With guitar, you can pluck or strum a string and the notes will sound. You have to blow air into a mouthpiece with the trumpet to create vibrations in your lips, making a sound.

Guitar players frequently play by themselves, unlike trumpet players who play in ensembles. In an ensemble, a player has to worry about intonation. For beginners especially, this can be a serious obstacle to overcome.

Most people choose to play guitar as their first instrument. Despite its challenges, playing guitar is relatively simple, with only a few fundamentals to learn.

Brass instruments like the trumpet involve more difficult techniques. It is still worthwhile to start playing trumpet, as long as you’re willing to practice!

Which of the Two Instruments is More Popular?

Because of its versatility and lower cost, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world.

As rock and pop music became popular decades ago, more people became inspired to play guitar themselves. They were inspired by their favorite bands and solo artists and wanted to start playing their favorite songs by learning guitar.

There is a variety of guitars to choose to play. Acoustic, electric, and bass guitars are all popular instruments, but most beginners decide to start on acoustic guitar.

Trumpets have been existing for generations and are the most well-known brass instrument. They are some of the oldest instruments and are still popular today.

Many different ensembles feature trumpet players. Whether playing in jazz bands, orchestras, small ensembles, or by themselves, trumpet players can fill the need of any piece of music.

Out of all the brass instruments, they are the smallest and easiest to transport. This adds to its popularity, as beginners can carry their trumpets around easily.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Each Instrument?

Everyone will take a different amount of time to learn a new instrument, but some are simpler and require fewer hours of practicing.

Most beginner musicians will choose guitar because it takes less time than a wind instrument like the trumpet, but learning guitar will also take a lot of time.

When learning guitar, the first three months of your practicing will involve mastering the basics. You’ll learn all the basic open chords: Em, A, Am, E, and G.

During this time, you’ll begin to get used to pressing strings down with your fingertips. You may start learning the basics of strumming as well.

After six months, you’ll have callouses on your fingertips, and you’ll be more comfortable playing. You may start to learn bar chords and be able to use them to play songs.

Keep in mind that this timeframe is completely up to you! If you decide to practice multiple hours a day for a long time, you’ll see faster progress.

If you prefer casual practicing, it may take years to master the basics.

Guitar Fundamentals are Easier to Master:

Most trumpet players start playing in elementary school, around fourth grade.

Beginner trumpet players start learning fundamentals right away but won’t reach an intermediate level until high school.

It’s impossible to become a great trumpet player immediately. Playing a wind instrument takes years to master. Each instrumentalist will spend 30 minutes to an hour practicing almost every day.

To play the trumpet, your lips vibrate into a mouthpiece which creates a note. This is very unfamiliar for new students and will take time to become comfortable.

Since this embouchure involves lip muscles that aren’t normally used, they tire very easily. Because of this, it’s necessary to practice daily to strengthen these muscles and become a better player.

Although many people choose guitar instead of trumpet, playing the trumpet can be incredibly rewarding. After years of practicing, trumpet students are valuable in many ensembles and are often given scholarships if they continue to play during college.

What About the Price Differences?

Guitars can be much cheaper than trumpets.

If you’re worried about the cost of a trumpet, a guitar might be a better option for a first instrument. On Guitar Center, a starter acoustic guitar is $59.99.

More popular brands offer more costly alternatives for beginner guitars, ranging from $60-$500.

Electric guitars tend to be more expensive than acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars generally run $200 less than electric.

If you’re looking for an electric guitar, the price could be between $200-$600. Most beginner trumpets are in a similar price range.

Although you can find beginner trumpets for under $200, a good, reliable trumpet is in the range of $200-$500.

Trumpet players mention that it’s important not to buy something too cheap but also not too expensive. You’ll want a trumpet of good quality, which will last until you transition to an intermediate trumpet.

Trumpets can be much more expensive than beginner acoustic guitars, so keep this in mind when deciding between the two instruments.

Five Tips to Help You Choose Between Trumpet and Guitar:

  1. Consider the time
  2. Consider the cost
  3. Playing solo or in an ensemble
  4. Consider the different music styles
  5. Listen to professional players

When choosing between trumpet and guitar, it’s important to know how much time you’re willing to devote to practicing.

For playing trumpet, it will often take years of practice just to become comfortable. Learning the fundamentals of the guitar is not easy but generally takes less time to master.

Trumpets are more expensive. Although you’ll be playing on your trumpet for years to come, it’s always a good idea to consider your budget when buying an instrument.

If you’d prefer a price range of $50-$200, a beginner acoustic guitar might be a better option.

Many people who start playing acoustic guitar enjoy playing songs by themselves or in a small group. If you would like to learn a new instrument independently, an acoustic guitar is a great choice.

Beginner trumpet players will always learn in a group, so it’s important to consider if that’s a deal-breaker for your learning style.

Guitar and trumpet are used for very different music styles. If you love jazz or any music where you can play loudly, a trumpet is a great choice. If you want to start learning how to play pop songs, pick up a guitar.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to listen to professional players. When you cannot choose between trumpet and guitar, listen to the professional guitar and trumpet players. You may fall in love with jazz and want to play trumpet like Miles Davis.

If you love music, you’ll be more likely to start and keep playing on the instrument you choose.

Final Thoughts

You’ll never know which instrument to choose until you try them out.

Before making a final decision, make sure to play on a trumpet and a guitar. One might come more naturally to you.

Even though trumpet is ultimately harder to learn, playing either guitar or trumpet will be a rewarding experience. Many people regret that they’ve never learned an instrument, so don’t let this opportunity pass.

It doesn’t matter how much music experience you have, learning an instrument can be very beneficial to your life!


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