Price Comparison (Brass Instruments & Gear)

We have compared a long list of instruments and gear across the bigger online music stores.

Here are links to the stores. The cheapest alternative is highlighted below.

ProductWoodwind & BrasswindMusician’s FriendGuitar Center
Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet$1,428.00$1,428.00$1,428.00
Bach TR200 Series Bb Trumpet$2,249.00$2,249.00$2,249.00
Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet$3,149.00$3,149.00$2,809.00
Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Series Bb Trumpet$1,829.00$1,829.00$1,829.00
Blessing BTR-1287 Standard Series Bb Trumpet$1,065.00$1,065.00$1,065.00
Allora ATR-250 Student Series Bb Trumpet$500.00$500.00$350.00
Jupiter JTR700 Standard Series Student Bb Trumpet$1,304.00$1,304.00$1,304.00
Eastman ETR221 Student Series Bb Trumpet$1,194.00$1,194.00$1,194.00
B&S 3137 Challenger Series Bb Trumpet$2,536.00$2,536.00$2,536.00
Allora ATR-450 Vienna Series Intermediate Bb Trumpet$708.00$708.00$550.00
Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet$265.00$265.00$130.00
Other Brass Instruments
Yamaha YHR-31411 Student F French Horn$2,410.00$2,410.00$2,410.00
Allora AAFG-103F Series Bb Flugelhorn$600.00$600.00$450.00
Stagg WS-FH215 Series Bb Flugelhorn$389.00$390.00$390.00
Allora MXPT-5801 Series Pocket Trumpet$360.00$360.00$280.00
Allora AEP-550 Paris Series Compensating Euphonium$3,500.00$3,500.00$3,000.00
Gear & Accessories
Denis Wick DW5531 Series Adjustable Trumpet Cup Mute$50.00$63.00$63.00
Blessing Trumpet Mouthpieces in Silver 3C – Trumpet In Silver$28.00$40.00$35.00
Harmon B Model Aluminum Trumpet Wow-Wow Mute$33.00$40.00$34.00
Protec Liberty Tenor Trombone Compact Aluminum Practice Mute$31.00$36.00$36.00
Yamaha Standard Tuba Mouthpiece 67C4$70.00$76.00$76.00