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Are Bundy Trumpets Any Good (An Honest Review)

Bundy trumpets have been popular in the past but might not be the best option today.

This brand is not the first choice for many trumpet players, especially because they are not producing new instruments.

Let’s talk about the quality of Bundy trumpets to see whether they are worth buying:

The Quality of Bundy Trumpets:

Bundy trumpets became popular in the 1940s and were known for their solid construction and fair pricing. Since Bundy no longer makes new instruments, they are only available pre-owned. They can be a good option for beginners but might not be worth the risk of buying them used.

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How Hard or Easy Are Bundy Trumpets to Play?

Bundy used to produce a great beginner trumpet. This model, the BTR-300, was a popular choice among music teachers.

The BTR-300 Student Trumpet created a great tone. Students found it easy to make a nice sound with a .460 degree bore and a red brass leadpipe.

It was also built to last. Beginners could play on them for a few years because of their high-quality construction. Bundy beginner trumpets had yellow brass slide receive tubes, a tuning slide brace, a first valve thumb saddle, and an adjustable third valve finger ring.

Students had no trouble maintaining a stable intonation with Bundy trumpets. They were well-liked for their durability and high quality.

Since Bundy is no longer making new trumpets, you will only find used models. Although eBay has many Bundy trumpets, you won’t know their quality until you buy one.

Some people have found great pre-owned trumpets, but it’s always a gamble.

Conn Selmer has recently taken over Bundy. It would be a better option to buy a new instrument from Conn Selmer to ensure that you receive the best quality.

What Genres Are They Good For?

Bundy instruments were created specifically for beginners.

They are not ideal for professional players who are looking to play a specific style.

Because they are durable and have features designed for smaller hands, younger players will play well on Bundy trumpets. However, the quality of Bundy has declined in recent years, and they have stopped producing new instruments altogether.

Some trumpet players love vintage Bundy trumpets. They can have a great sound despite being played for years. The brand was around for decades, so they had experience in creating high-quality instruments.

A Bundy BTR-300 Student Bb Beginner Trumpet will do a great job in helping a new student learn music. This model has had decent reviews during the height of its production, so it may still be worth buying.

With a 4.8-inch yellow brass bell and freely moving valves, the Bundy student trumpet was great in introducing a student to the fundamentals of trumpet playing.

Unfortunately, these models are only available used because Bundy has stopped manufacturing instruments. You can find similar horns from Conn Selmer, which replaced Bundy as an instrument manufacturer.

How Long Do Bundy Trumpets Last?

Some vintage Bundy trumpets are extremely durable. Newer models are lower quality and are generally suited for beginner players. They won’t last for many years.

There are plenty of vintage Bundy trumpets that have lasted decades and still play very well. Some professional players love their sound.

Check out this Bundy trumpet from the early to mid-1960s:

As you can see, vintage Bundy trumpets hold their value extremely well. They were built to last, and many players enjoy their sound even after they’ve been used for decades.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Bundy trumpets are no longer being sold on music retailer websites.

Since they have evolved into Conn Selmer, here are some reviews for their new brand.

You will only find Bundy trumpets pre-owned. Because of this, you won’t find many reviews. When buying a used instrument, you won’t have the option of looking at other buyers’ experiences.

We checked the reviews on four different online retailers for a Conn Selmer Prelude Student Trumpet:

  • Woodwind and Brasswind
  • Amazon
  • Guitar Center
  • Music & Arts

On Woodwind and Brasswind, the Prelude by Conn Selmer Student Bb Trumpet has great reviews. For only $409, this horn is of great quality for a low price.

Reviewers mention that it is easy to play and inexpensive. It is a great beginner horn, with high-quality valves and a nice tone.

The same model has an average of 3.7 stars on Amazon. This is a low average for an instrument, but there are many five-star reviews.

The positive reviews state that this horn has great value for the price. It plays well and has a clear tone. The negative reviews mention sticky valves and cheap construction.

Guitar Center has a few reviews for this model, many of which are negative. One positive reviewer liked its construction and tone, but others complain about sluggish valves.

On Music & Arts, the Prelude by Conn Selmer TR711 Student Bb Trumpet is a top-rated instrument. A reviewer says that it is a great trumpet for a beginner level. The sound is great, and the valves move smoothly.

These are all the options for buying a brand new instrument that is similar to a Bundy trumpet. If you are looking for an actual Bundy, you’ll need to buy one pre-owned. Generally, these trumpets will be of lower quality.

On YouTube, you can find people sharing how Bundy trumpets play. This video is from someone who is selling a Bundy trumpet:

You can notice that this model is used. There is visible wear and tear on the horn, which will be the standard quality of all pre-owned Bundy models.

If you don’t want to take the risk of buying a pre-owned instrument, it’s best to look for another brand.

Conn Selmer is similar to Bundy, but they do not have great reviews.

How Long Is the Warranty on Bundy Trumpets?

All Bundy instruments had a warranty of five years. This is similar to the warranty of other instrument manufacturers.

However, Bundy does not make new instruments anymore. If you want a Bundy trumpet, you’ll need to find a pre-owned model. This will not have a warranty.

After Conn Selmer bought Bundy, the instruments now have a 1 to 5 years warranty, depending on the model that you buy.

What Gear Do You Get With a Bundy Trumpet?

A brand new Bundy trumpet came with a hard case, mouthpiece, and instrument care products.

Bundy no longer produces new instruments, and they are only available as pre-owned.

When you buy a pre-owned instrument, the gear you receive depends on what the seller has kept. If they didn’t lose any original items, your trumpet should come with a case, mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, and other cleaning products.

Bundy is now Conn Selmer, which is a prominent instrument brand. With a brand new Conn Selmer instrument, you will get a 7C mouthpiece. The horn will have a first valve thumb saddle, third valve adjustable ring, a lacquer finish, and stainless steel valves.

Final Thoughts

Although Bundy made a great student model in the past, it is not the best choice compared to other modern manufacturers.

Because Bundy halted the production of its instruments, you will only find used models. This comes with the risk of buying a broken trumpet that is hard to play.

If you were looking to buy a new instrument and wanted a Bundy horn, a Conn Selmer trumpet might be a good option. The Prelude by Conn Selmer Bb Student Trumpet has a similar construction to a Bundy student model.

These trumpets aren’t that expensive to buy new.

Bundy is not the best trumpet brand. Some people enjoy the sound of vintage Bundy horns, but they are not very popular.

They were once a popular choice among music teachers and students, but there are now much better options to choose from.


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