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Are Trumpets Expensive? 6 Great Beginner Brands (With Prices)

When you decide to start playing trumpet, it can be difficult to know exactly which brand to buy.

With so many companies manufacturing trumpets, you want to make sure that you are buying an instrument at a good price and good quality.

Here is everything you need to know about the best beginner and intermediate trumpet brands!

Here’s an Idea of How Expensive Trumpets Are:

A new trumpet of good quality can cost anywhere between $200 to $2,000 dollars. Great brands like Yamaha, Etude, and Allora will be the more expensive of the brands. Lower-priced brands are not as high of quality but still can get the job done well.

1. Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the most well-known instrument manufacturers, and this is because they produce reliable instruments.

Their trumpet beginner models are awe-inspiring, especially the YTR-2330.

This model allows beginners to have a consistent sound while being easy to play. It was constructed to prevent air leaks with a seamless bell.

This also ensures that the sound vibrations travel evenly.

Durability is important when finding a beginner trumpet, and Yamaha provides students with reliable instruments. The YTR-2330 has free-flowing valves which move smoothly without a lot of maintenance.

Yamaha trumpets have a bright, vibrant tone.

Their instruments would be a great choice for any beginner trumpet player.


The YTR-2330 is $1,384 to buy brand-new. Keep in mind that you also have the option of renting instruments.

This could be a great choice for beginners who will need a new instrument in a few years.

2. Allora

Allora is a great brand known for its beginner trumpets.

Allora has created many beginner models intending to benefit young musicians. It has little to no resistance, a bright timbre, and a controlled tone.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive trumpet that still gets the job done, Allora is a great option.

Their student model is easy to play but also stays in tune. In addition to being an instrument that sounds great, it also looks great. It has a red brass bell which prevents corrosion and contributes to its unique appearance.

This model is ideal for young players, and it has features that complement smaller hands. Students can easily find a good grip on their instrument with a first-valve thumb saddle and a third-valve finger-ring.

Since an Allora is inexpensive, it allows a student to own a good horn rather than rent it.


On Woodwind and Brasswind, the Allora student series starts at $499.99.

This brand makes sure that you receive a trumpet with great value compared to its low price.

To learn more about the features of an Allora, Woodwind, and Brasswind, has this great review:

3. Getzen

Getzen is widely recognized for creating a great introductory trumpet model.

Many students choose to start with the Getzen 300 series because it is well-suited to their needs.

With smooth valves, the Getzen 300 series is free-blowing, making it easy to play.

Their nickel-plated valves have a lifetime warranty.

This assures you that your trumpet was made from good materials and will last throughout your time as a beginner/intermediate trumpet player.


Although the 300 series has been discontinued, you can easily find them pre-owned.

Their price range is anywhere from $150-$500.

4. Jupiter

If you’re planning on playing trumpet for years to come, you’ll need to start thinking about intermediate trumpets.

These bridge the gap between student trumpets and professional trumpets and will last throughout high school.

Jupiter is a brand that has all different models, including beginner, intermediate, and professional. Jupiter trumpets are high-quality, reliable instruments.

For beginners, Jupiter offers the JTR-700. Reviews mention that it has a solid construction and produces a great tone. It is free-blowing and will allow students to create their first sounds easily.

Intermediate trumpet players can also find a Jupiter trumpet that suits their needs.

The 1100S Intermediate model was made to create great sound and intonation. With a rose brass lead pipe, every student can make a warm, rich tone.


Woodwind and Brasswind sell the JTR-700 for $1,189 and the 1100S for $1,429.

5. Etude

Etude is a great brand to consider if you’re looking for an inexpensive beginner trumpet.

The Etude ETR-100 is a great model for new trumpet players.

It has a generous bore which allows the student to form notes quickly and easily. You’ll achieve great projection and tone with this instrument because of Etude’s brass lead pipe.

Beginner trumpet players are typically young, and this model was crafted especially for smaller hands.

The ETR-100 has a first-valve thumb saddle and an adjustable third valve finger ring.


Woodwind and Brasswind sell the brand new ETR-100 for $264.99.

With 82 five-star reviews, this model is their most popular beginner trumpet.

6. Bach

Although Bach makes trumpets that are not ideal for beginners, they have great intermediate models.

The TR300H2 American Intermediate Trumpet was specially designed for students looking to advance from their beginner trumpet.

Similar to all Bach trumpets, this model is easy to control and project. It makes playing much easier so that students can focus on technique and learning music.

If you’re eventually looking to buy a professional trumpet, Bach is the best option.


Their intermediate model is priced at $1,376 on Amazon.

Since Bach is a trendy brand, you’ll also be able to find pre-owned trumpets at a lower cost.

How Much Should You Pay For a Good Intermediate Trumpet?

When buying a trumpet for a beginner or intermediate player, it’s important to weigh all the different options you have.

With a variety of different brands, it can be easy to get confused and frustrated.

A good beginner trumpet will cost anywhere from $200 to over $1,000. Generally, trumpets that cost less are made with lower-quality materials. This will affect how long your trumpet lasts.

You’ll have to decide whether you want a trumpet that will last for years.

Some beginners decide to stop playing after a couple of years, so a big first investment might not be a good idea.

It’s a good idea not to buy the most expensive beginner trumpet because you don’t know how long you’ll want to keep playing. A good price for a student’s first trumpet should be between $400-$800.

Once you decide to transition to an intermediate trumpet, it’ll be a bigger investment, but a more advanced trumpet will be worth the cost.

Intermediate trumpets are intended to be of higher quality and will generally cost between $1,300 and $2,000.

Since intermediate trumpets are placed at a higher price range, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right trumpet for a reasonable price.

Although you can always buy a new trumpet, you have the option of finding a pre-owned intermediate trumpet. This will decrease costs significantly.

That being said, it’s always a good idea to play on a trumpet before you buy it. The downside of buying a trumpet from eBay is the risk of serious mechanical issues.

What Distinguishes a Good and Bad Trumpet Brand?

As a beginner, your first trumpet needs to be easy to control, reliable, and durable.

Although you’ll eventually move on to intermediate and advanced trumpets, it’s important to start with a good-quality beginner trumpet.

Advanced trumpet players know what to look for when buying a new instrument. If you are a beginner, you’ll need to know what qualities a good trumpet possesses.

One way to know a trumpet’s quality is having someone more advanced try it out for you.

They’ll test out a few notes because the middle range should be played easily. Notes like middle C should come out clearly, without too much effort.

You might be able to spot a bad trumpet by how it looks.

Some beginners choose to rent their instruments. Since others have used that trumpet, you may notice dents that could negatively impact the way it sounds.

Be sure to check the valves! They should be able to move up and down easily without getting stuck.

Used trumpets may have issues with slides or valves getting stuck, and this is not something you’ll want to happen.

Final Thoughts

Starting a search for the right trumpet can be a difficult experience.

From the unending list of brands to various opinions, it can be hard to know which trumpet to buy and how much to pay.

A beginner trumpet shouldn’t break the bank but shouldn’t be extremely low quality. Intermediate trumpets are a bigger investment but last longer than beginner trumpets.

Remember to play on new trumpets before you buy them (if you can).

Many music retailers offer trial periods and opportunities to rent instruments, so try out a few options before you decide to buy.


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