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Are Bach Trumpets Good? (Explained for Beginners)

My brother and I play Bach and Yamaha trumpets and I’m excited to share our experiences with you.

I’ve played the trumpet for 34 years and I was taught by my brother who plays the classic Bach Stradivarius model.

The quality of Bach Trumpets

The Bach trumpet brand produces the most-sold professional trumpets. It’s trusted by classical and jazz musicians around the world due to its high quality and good build. Bach trumpets have a great tone and will last for generations when taken good care of.

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Bach trumpets start at around $1,300 for a student model, and you will typically pay around $3,000 for the more commonly used Stradivarius models. That also means the Bach trumpets are high-quality instruments most suited for intermediate and experienced players.

Vincent Bach is the most popular trumpet brand out there. It’s being used by professionals as well as intermediate trumpet players.

How Hard or Easy Are Bach Trumpets to Play?

Bach trumpets are really great for intermediate and experienced trumpet players. However, they’re not ideal for complete beginners as they are built for players with some experience.

Let me explain.

If you’re just starting out and looking for your first trumpet you need an instrument that is really easy to play and master.

Bach trumpets are constructed in a way that it’s very easy to jump between the notes and that’s really great when you have practiced this to the point that it’s easy for you. (That’s also the reason why it’s a little harder to master a Bach trumpet for a beginner!).

We have a dedicated article here about why professional trumpets are a little harder to play for beginners.

However, when you have all the basic techniques down and you feel like you’re ready to upgrade to a good intermediate or professional trumpet, you will be very happy you chose a Bach trumpet.

The Bach Stradivarius models will serve you well as soon as you have some experience with the trumpet. If that you, then you will love playing a Bach trumpet!

What Genres Are They Good For?

Bach trumpets are being used for all kinds of music.

It’s probably most widely spread among the more classical crowd but you also find lots of Bach trumpets in rhythmic music such as jazz, blues, rock, folk, and pop.

Are Bach Trumpets Good for Classical Music?

Most trumpeters in brass bands and classical orchestras are using Bach trumpets. It’s probably the most-sold trumpet brand among classical trumpeters in the world due to its great tone and strong construction.

I played in a brass band for a decade and most of the players were using Bach and Yamaha trumpets.

Yamaha trumpets can cost just as much as Bach trumpets but I’ve found that people often use the intermediate Yamaha trumpets in orchestras and then move up to the Bach Stradivarius lineup if they feel like upgrading.

Is the Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Good for Jazz?

Bach trumpets are great for jazz. The famous jazz player Chet Baker used a Bach Stradivarius trumpet on several recordings and he’s believed to be among the best of the best jazz trumpet players.

I’ve played lots of jazz and blues both as an amateur and as a touring live musician and I believe (from personal experience) that the Bach trumpet is very well suited for both!

It’s really easy to bend the note and control the tone to create those really cool jazzy sounds that add some edge and flavor to your style.

The fact is that most trumpets are constructed the same way. Professional trumpeters will often have other types of horns for a smoother or deeper sound. You can choose a flugelhorn for a “bigger” and deeper sound. That’s a trumpet-like horn that has a bigger bell and it’s a bit more difficult to master.

How Long Do Bach Trumpets Last?

Bach trumpets will last for generations.

You can find used Bach trumpets that are older than 60 years and they will still produce a great tone if they are well taken care of. A Bach trumpet will often be passed down to the next generation unless it’s played daily for decades which can cause the valves to get worn.

You can check this when you examine the valves and pipes.

I know several good trumpeters who use Bach trumpets older than 35 years old. They will pass the trumpet to their kids and it will probably outlast them as well.

When the valves are oiled regularly they will go up and down smoothly and without any friction at all. That’s often the determining factor when it comes to how long your trumpet will last.

If you play your trumpet almost daily, you may wear out the valves after a couple of decades, but most people will find that their Bach trumpet lasts for a lifetime even if they play it on a weekly basis.

What Do the Reviews Say?

We checked the reviews on three different online stores:

  • (26 reviews)

We found 61 reviews on Amazon for the three most-sold Bach trumpets and 26 reviews on across all Bach models. On average, the customers rate the Bach trumpets at 4.5/5 stars.

This was also expected as we’re dealing with one of the most popular trumpet brands and one that lots of professional trumpet players trust.

Not Too Heavy for Beginners

A few customers pointed out that Bach trumpets don’t weigh more than other trumpets even though only high-quality materials are being used.

That’s a good point to consider if you’re getting a trumpet for a kid. When the instruments are too heavy they might struggle too much in the beginning.

A Good Investment?

Generally, people see this instrument as a good long-term investment.

It will serve you as a good and stable servant for a lifetime and you will have an instrument with outstanding performance and sound.

How Well Do Bach Trumpets Hold Their Value?

As long as a Bach trumpet looks new and shiny it will keep its value because it’s a classic brand that most trumpet players will be happy to own and play.

There are several used models for sale online and the prices vary a lot as a trumpet will quickly start to look a bit worn if you have sweaty hands.

The 180S37 model is one of the most-sold Bach trumpets and it’s available online in used condition for as low as $995, but then you should expect it to look pretty worn. Most models will probably be around the $2,000 mark after a couple of years.

However, I would not recommend buying a used model unless you have tested it really well. It’s extremely important to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting. You should never order a used instrument online without having tested it extensively.

If possible, bring an experienced musician with you to help you make a good decision.

You can easily end up with an instrument that will not sound well if you don’t know exactly what to look for.

How Long Is the Warranty on Bach Trumpets?

Bach trumpets always come with a 5-year warranty. This covers normal use and you will typically receive a replacement in case something happens.

The warranty will cover all the moving parts and joints to make sure you have a well-functioning instrument that sounds great.

You can not return it directly to the Vincent Bach company or get any advice directly from them.

You need to take the instrument to the reseller in case you need to have it checked or if something seems off during the warranty period.

Many other brands only offer a 2-3 year warranty period so this also means that they know the instrument will last a long time.

What Gear Do You Get With a Bach Trumpet?

When you purchase a Bach trumpet you get a hard case with a strong wood construction as well as a mouthpiece to use with the trumpet.

The mouthpiece is a 7c model which is a medium-size mouthpiece that most players will be using. You can always ask the seller to replace it with another size or model.

You also get a soft cloth to help you keep the trumpet shiny.

You can typically ask the store to throw in a bottle of valve oil for free.

When you buy a cheaper trumpet (not a Bach!) you often get a set of gloves and valve oil. This is not the case with the Bach models. Here you basically just get the instrument and the case.

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