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6 Best Affordable Piccolo Trumpets You Should Consider

Bb trumpets are the most popular member of the trumpet family, but many players love piccolo trumpets because of their versatility.

A piccolo trumpet is the smallest type of trumpet, and it can be incredibly valuable in all types of music, including jazz, pop, and classical genres.

To ease the stress of finding the right piccolo trumpet, we’ve made a list of the best affordable piccolo trumpets:

Here Are the Best Affordable Piccolo Trumpets:

Although piccolo trumpets can be expensive, many great models are priced under $2,000. For beginners, the best options are the Classic Cantabile PT-180, Cool Wind CPT-200 Series, and Funion. Choose a Brasspire Unicorn, Dillon, or Schiller American Heritage Model IV for advanced players.

1. Classic Cantabile PT-180

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The Classic Cantabile PT-180 piccolo trumpet is the perfect example of excellent craftsmanship at a budget price. If you are looking for a beginner model with great value, look no further.

All Classic Cantabile Brass instruments are made with a multi-stage manufacturing process. Each piece is handled with extreme attention to detail during the creation of their piccolo trumpet.

With a 100mm bell and a bore of 11.7mm, this piccolo trumpet offers a pleasant timbre that will fit many music styles.

A great feature of piccolo trumpets is that they can be retuned to play in different keys. The Classic Cantabile PT-180 has a PT-196 mouthpiece that can serve this purpose. Any player can retune their instrument from the key of B to A using an additional A-pin.

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This piccolo trumpet will deliver a great performance level for beginner players. Because it is durable and budget-friendly, beginners can have the opportunity to learn piccolo trumpet techniques without the pressure of buying an expensive model.

After looking at its reviews, many trumpet players love the playability of the Classic Cantabile piccolo trumpet.

Unlike many affordable beginner trumpet models, the valves move freely. Players also found it easy to play, blowing freely even in the upper register.

However, they also mention that this model is good for beginners and would not benefit advanced players.

The Classic Cantabile PT-180 is a great affordable piccolo trumpet ideal for beginners. Priced at around $240, any trumpet player can start experimenting with a new piccolo trumpet.

2. Cool Wind CPT-200 Series

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Most high-priced piccolo trumpets are brass, but a plastic piccolo trumpet could be a great option for beginners looking for a lightweight and affordable version.

Cool Wind is an instrument manufacturer that makes instruments from premium plastic. The Cool Wind CPT-200 Series piccolo trumpet has a unique, bright color that is eye-catching and suitable for beginner players.

With a 3.7 inch bell, a .456 inch bore, and all-metal valves, the Cool Wind CPT-200 is a great introductory piccolo trumpet. Because it weighs as little as 3 pounds, young students can easily carry this piccolo trumpet wherever they go.

This piccolo trumpet was designed for beginners, so it will be fairly easy to play. It also has a lightweight body, so players can hold up their instrument for long periods without tiring.

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Many features make the CPT-200 a great choice for beginners. However, we wouldn’t recommend this piccolo trumpet to advanced players.

Its plastic body is not ideal for practicing advanced techniques. Additionally, a brass piccolo trumpet will be much more durable and suited for long-term use.

At only $370, the Cool Wind CPT-200 piccolo trumpet can be a great purchase for a beginner student.

3. Funion Piccolo Trumpet

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Funion makes another great piccolo trumpet for beginners. Their model is affordable, durable, and has great value despite its low price.

The Funion piccolo trumpet only weighs 6 pounds. Compared to a typical piccolo trumpet that can weigh up to 9 pounds, this model is significantly lighter.

Because of its lighter weight, the Funion piccolo trumpet is ideal for young players. With this model, beginners don’t struggle to hold their instruments during practice time.

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The bore size is .456 inches, bigger than the average piccolo trumpet. This way, beginners can achieve a big, full sound without too much effort.

Like many options on this list, the Funion piccolo trumpet is best suited for beginners. It has average sound quality, making it perfect for learning essential techniques. However, any advanced players will need a higher-priced piccolo trumpet.

If you’re looking to purchase a Funion piccolo trumpet, it’ll cost around $700.

4. Brasspire Unicorn Piccolo Trumpet

Compared with the $2,000 price tag of other piccolo trumpets, the Brasspire Unicorn stands as a lower-priced version that retains a good reputation.

The Brasspire Unicorn is a four-valve piccolo trumpet with a two-piece red brass bell, a two-piece yellow brass valve casing, and a yellow brass leadpipe.

With a bore size of 11.6mm and a bell size of 98mm, this piccolo trumpet delivers a solid tone with great intonation.

Trumpet players have described the Brasspire Unicorn’s tone as rich and bright. This is because of its modern design and professional craftsmanship.

When playing a Brasspire Unicorn, you will find free-blowing throughout its full register. There are also specially designed 3rd and 4th pillars that allow you to play at regular intervals.

The pistons are stainless steel, which increases the durability of the instrument. Even after years of playing, you can enjoy valves that move easily and freely.

For intermediate to advanced players, you won’t be able to find a good piccolo trumpet for less than $1,000. The Brasspire Unicorn is the most affordable professional piccolo trumpet, ranging from $1,100 to $1,400. 

Although you can find cheaper piccolo trumpets, more advanced players need to invest in better instruments. After buying a Brasspire Unicorn, you will be able to notice the high-quality construction and high-performance level.

5. Dillon Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

The Dillon piccolo trumpet is about 1/4 the price of the well-known Yamaha or Schilke models, but it can still meet the needs of many trumpet players. This trumpet is perfect for an affordable piccolo trumpet with great tone quality.

Considering the low price tag, the intonation and tone quality on a Dillon piccolo trumpet are surprisingly good. Some reviewers mention that it sounds like it costs five times the actual price value. 

Usually, a cheaper trumpet will have cheaper valves. This isn’t the case with the Dillon piccolo trumpet.

The valves on this model move efficiently, allowing each player to work through fast passages without any difficulties.

After looking at reviews for this piccolo trumpet, it’s clear that the low price does not affect its quality.

Many trumpet players were surprised that a Dillon piccolo trumpet was so easy to play with a sound that resembles professional-level horns.

That being said, there could be a few minor cosmetic issues. The fit and finish of Dillon piccolo trumpets may have some small marks or misaligned pieces. It’s unlikely that these small issues will affect the instrument’s sound.

For around $700, the Dillon piccolo trumpet stands as a great option for advanced players.

6. Schiller American Heritage Model IV

Schiller is a brand that specializes in creating high-quality instruments at an affordable price. Their trumpet models are excellent, especially their American Heritage Model IV piccolo trumpet.

Any player can create a wonderful tone on this piccolo trumpet. Schiller describes its sound as “velvet” and full of harmonic richness.

The American Heritage Model IV is perfect for players who want to learn Baroque styles. However, it also has some modern features that make this instrument versatile.

This Schiller piccolo trumpet has a modern valve block, complete with Monel pistons. Many professional trumpets have this type of pistons due to their ability to fight corrosion and withstand years of playing.

The Schiller piccolo trumpet is ideal for advanced trumpet players with four valves and plays in two different keys.

A Schiller American Heritage Model IV piccolo trumpet is around $500. It is well worth a piccolo trumpet with many modern and advanced features.

Final Thoughts

Many professional trumpet players will recommend expensive piccolo trumpet brands because of their reputation and quality. However, many other brands succeed in making great, affordable options.

There’s no need to buy an expensive instrument for young students who want to start learning piccolo trumpet techniques. The Classic Cantabile PT-180, Cool Wind CPT-200 Series, and the Funion piccolo trumpet are the best models under $800.

More advanced players will need higher-quality instruments, but plenty of professional piccolo trumpets aren’t too expensive.

We’d recommend the Brasspire Unicorn, Schiller American Heritage Model IV, or Dillon piccolo trumpet for intermediate to advanced trumpet players.


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