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6 Best Affordable Pocket Trumpets You Should Consider

A pocket trumpet is a novelty instrument that hobby horn players usually collect.

You might expect pocket trumpets to sound much higher than a Bb trumpet because of their small size. However, it shares the same length of tubing, just condensed tightly into a smaller instrument.

Pocket trumpets aren’t typically used in ensembles, so that you might want an affordable option.

We’ve compiled a list of the best inexpensive pocket trumpets that have great value:

Here Are the Best Affordable Pocket Trumpets:

Because pocket trumpets aren’t usually played in ensembles, looking for affordable models is important. The best affordable pocket trumpets are the Stagg WS-TR245, Carol Brass CPT-3000, Eastar ETR-330N, Bach Prelude PT711, Mendini MPT-N, and the Sky Band Approved Brass pocket trumpet.

1. Stagg WS-TR245

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The Stagg WS-TR245 is a standard Bb pocket trumpet that is easy to play and affordable.

Many lower-priced trumpets have poorly designed slides and valves. Their cheap construction makes the entire trumpet have poor intonation and tone.

With the Stagg WS-TR245 pocket trumpet, both the slides and valves function well. You can achieve accurate intonation by moving the slides with precise precision.

This pocket trumpet model has stainless steel valves to move quickly and easily. You won’t have to worry about them frequently sticking during fast music passages.

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Not only does this pocket trumpet perform well, but it also looks great. The Stagg WS-TR245 has a clear-lacquer finish that gives it a polished shine.

Some trumpet players mention that the Stagg pocket trumpet has a great tone that resembles a cornet. It has depth and presence that is unexpected for pocket trumpet models.

When you purchase a Stagg pocket trumpet, you’ll receive a 7C silver plated mouthpiece and a soft case. The case also has straps, making transportation much easier.

The best part about the Stagg WS-TR245 is under $300. You can find one of these pocket trumpets on Woodwind and Brasswind for $250.

2. Carol Brass CPT-3000

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Pocket trumpets are already a condensed version of a Bb trumpet, but Carol Brass decided to make a more lightweight model: the CPT-3000.

With its yellow brass bell, the Carol Brass CPT-3000 pocket trumpet produces a bright and brassy tone. This could be a great option for intermediate or advanced trumpet players looking for a novelty horn.

This pocket trumpet has a yellow brass leadpipe, a clear lacquer finish, and stainless steel valves. The bell has a diameter of 4.724 inches.

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The bell is designed to be larger than a standard pocket trumpet, allowing for more projection. This is ideal for playing on stages or outside.

With the Carol Brass CPT-3000, you can enhance your performance level with a unique tone and presence.

Despite its higher price tag, trumpet players claim that this pocket trumpet is incredibly cost-effective. For an intermediate to advanced player, this model offers the opportunity to have a more professional sound.

You can find the Carol Brass CPT-3000 pocket trumpet on Amazon for $650.

3. Eastar ETR-330N

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Eastar is a trumpet manufacturer known for its cost-effective instruments for players of all levels. Their pocket trumpet is no exception.

Eastar pocket trumpets have a stellar design that doesn’t look cheap. They have a golden lacquer, white faux mother of inlaid pearl buttons, and well-functioning valves.

Eastar claims that their patent-designed valve system won’t face any sticking or unresponsiveness with proper maintenance. This pocket trumpet was designed to be airtight, so air leaks are not likely.

With an Eastar pocket trumpet, you can easily transport your trumpet anywhere. The smaller trumpet size makes it easy to carry, but you won’t have to sacrifice a good tone.

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The Eastar ETR-330N pocket trumpet provides an excellent sound because of its powerful resonance and projection.

Designed with a larger bore and a larger bell, the Eastar ETR-330N has a great deal of projection despite its small size.

The sound of an Eastar pocket trumpet is described as clean and bright. Any trumpet player should produce a sound within minutes of practicing on this horn.

The Eastar ETR-330N pocket trumpet sells for around $200. This is one of the cheapest options on this list.

4. Bach Prelude PT711

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Bach is a prominent instrument manufacturer well-known for its great quality and value. Many players choose Bach trumpets to avoid the cheap construction of other brands.

The Bach Prelude PT711 pocket trumpet is one of the many great instruments that Bach produces. Like all Bach trumpets, this pocket trumpet was made using high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Every part of this pocket trumpet was made to last. It has a rose brass leadpipe that resists corrosion and stainless steel valves durable enough to withstand years of playing.

Like other pocket trumpets, the Bach Prelude PT711 has tightly wrapped brass tubing that only measures 10 inches in length. This is much smaller than a standard Bb trumpet, allowing you to hold it during practice sessions easily.

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Despite its small size, this pocket trumpet has a surprising amount of projection. This is because of its medium-large bore, .459 inches.

This pocket trumpet also has a yellow brass bell with a five-inch diameter. This was intentionally designed to improve its projection and level of response.

You can purchase a Bach PT711 pocket trumpet with a variety of finishes. It is available in black lacquer, silver plate, or red lacquer. Each of these finishes offers a flashy design that will attract attention.

With this pocket trumpet, you can achieve a similar sound to a standard Bb trumpet, but you won’t have to deal with a heavy instrument. At about 4 pounds, the Bach pocket trumpet can easily come with you wherever you go.

A Bach PT711 pocket trumpet ranges from about $450 to $500.

5. Mendini MPT-N Nickel

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Because of its low price tag, some trumpet players might be skeptical of the Mendini MPT-N Nickel pocket trumpet. However, this trumpet has great price, especially for beginners.

The MPT-N Nickel pocket trumpet is a solid choice for beginners experimenting with pocket trumpets. Mendini designs its trumpets to be comfortable, easy to play, and affordable. Their pocket trumpet is a great example of this.

It is nickel-plated with a high-end phosphorous copper finish. The bore is .460 inches, and the bell has a diameter of 3.75 inches.

This pocket trumpet has smooth-action stainless steel valves, which are extremely durable. The valves are comfortable and easy to play with white faux mother of inlaid pearl buttons.

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It’s important to remember that this pocket trumpet model will be slightly lower quality than the others on this list. However, this can be a great opportunity for beginners to have fun with a new instrument.

Trumpet players will not be playing pocket trumpets for solos or ensembles, so it might be a better choice to buy an affordable model.

The best part about the Mendini pocket trumpet is its accessories. Included with the trumpet, case, and mouthpiece, you’ll also find a chromatic tuner, valve oil, polishing cloth, and white gloves.

The Mendini MPT-N Nickel pocket trumpet is only $170. You won’t find a cheaper model that retains a great performance level like Mendini. This pocket trumpet is the best of both worlds, affordable while having a great tone.

6. Sky Band Approved Brass

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If you’re looking for a pocket trumpet with a unique design, the Sky Band Approved Brass pocket trumpet is a great option.

This pocket trumpet has a phosphor copper finish across its entire body, while other models have this finish on just the mouthpiece.

It also has a one-time drawn body, meaning no seams. This feature allows the Sky Band Approved Brass pocket trumpet to have a rich sound and more durability than other models on the market.

You can purchase this pocket trumpet in any color that you choose. This trumpet is fully customizable from baby pink to black, adding to its unique design.

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In contrast to the colored body, the mouthpiece and valves are silver. You’ll be sure to attract an audience whenever you play this pocket trumpet in public!

The Sky Band Approved Brass pocket trumpet comes with many accessories.

Its case has a velvet-lined interior, cushioning your instrument and extending its lifespan. Additionally, you’ll receive a polishing cloth, a pair of gloves, and valve oil.

The Sky Band Approved Brass pocket trumpet is not too expensive despite its unique design. At only $240, this instrument is well worth the price.

Final Thoughts

Pocket trumpets are quickly becoming popular due to their small size but big, resonant sound.

Although many players love them, they aren’t the trumpet of choice for any ensembles. Because of this, you’ll likely use pocket trumpets for a lightweight, on-the-go instrument.

You don’t need an expensive pocket trumpet. Many brands make affordable models that produce a great tone, keep a solid intonation, and project well.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pocket trumpet, the best models are the Stagg WS-TR245, Carol Brass CPT-3000, Eastar ETR-330N, Bach Prelude PT711, Mendini MPT-N, and the Sky Band Approved Brass.


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