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7 Best (Real) Trumpets For Small Kids [Buying Guide]

Learning a wind instrument can be challenging for young kids.

Most instruments are made for older players, so they are heavier and harder to hold. However, some smaller, lightweight trumpet models are perfect for young players.

Let’s talk about which trumpets are the best for smaller kids:

Here are the Best Trumpets for Small Kids:

Younger players need lightweight trumpet models to avoid arm fatigue and promote healthy postures and embouchures. LJ Hutchen, Mendini by Cecilio, Jean Paul, Tromba, and Yamaha make lightweight beginner models. For an even lighter option, try playing the cornet.

1. Mendini by Cecilio Bb trumpet

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Mendini trumpets are one of the most recommended models for beginners.

They are highly rated, inexpensive, and comfortable to hold. Because they are specially designed for beginners, Mendini trumpets are very lightweight.

Mendini is a brand that mostly makes instruments for beginners. This is the reason why their trumpets are so easy to play. Any beginner will likely produce a sound on a Mendini trumpet.

Other features make this model great for kids. Mendini trumpets are available in a wide range of vibrant colors. Young players can choose a color they love, making them more excited to learn how to play their trumpet.

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Mendini trumpets come with a polishing cloth, white gloves, valve oil, and a hard case with backpack straps. This makes sure that young students can properly learn how to take care of their instruments.

All Mendini trumpets are tested at the Cecilio factory. Each trumpet is played by a professional to ensure that it functions properly.

With a Mendini trumpet, you will have a good quality beginner trumpet that is great for young players.

2. LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet

LJ Hutchen trumpets are designed by Paul Effman, who has a music service that educates many young musicians.

This ensures that these instruments are beneficial for kids.

Because this trumpet is for beginners, it is more lightweight than other trumpets. The LJ Hutchen Bb trumpet is light and easy to play, ideal for young players.

Many young students can quickly become frustrated with a malfunctioning instrument. LJ Hutchen designs trumpet models specifically for beginners to avoid this problem.

Their stainless steel valves allow each student to play correct notes consistently. This also protects against any corrosion.

The LJ Hutchen Bb trumpet has great value for its price. Young players won’t have to worry about struggling to create a clear tone. Playing an LJ Hutchen trumpet with a rose brass leadpipe is very easy.

3. Mendini MPT-N Pocket Trumpet

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A pocket trumpet may be a great option for young trumpet players.

This has the exact same length of tubing as a Bb trumpet but is much more tightly wound. Because of this, the pocket trumpet is half the length of a regular trumpet, making it easier to hold.

Mendini by Cecilio makes a pocket trumpet that is ideal for beginners. It is the same weight as a Bb trumpet but is much smaller.

Because a pocket trumpet is small, students can hold it closer to their bodies. Frequently, Bb trumpets are too hard for a young player to hold, causing them to form bad habits in their posture and embouchure.

This trumpet model is sturdy and compact. It is made with a copper leadpipe, comfortable pearl valve covers, and smooth-action valves. You can also choose from 6 available color options.

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It’s important to note that pocket trumpets may not have the same tone and intonation as a Bb trumpet. Because they are so compact, this may affect the sound.

For young students playing in an ensemble, choosing a different option is better.

4. Jean Paul TR-330

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If you’re looking for the ideal lightweight trumpet for kids, you can’t go wrong with the Jean Paul TR-330.

Because it is only 2.2 pounds, the Jean Paul TR-330 trumpet is easy to hold throughout a practice session. A standard Bb trumpet typically weighs 2.5 pounds or more.

With this lighter model, young students can focus more on forming good techniques rather than struggling to hold up their instruments. Jean Paul’s lightweight trumpet is great for beginners who want to learn without arm fatigue.

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This trumpet was designed with a third adjustable trigger, which allows every player to have a comfortable hand position. This is a great feature for kids who are learning how to play the trumpet for the first time.

The Jean Paul TR-330 has a generous bore, .459 inches, making playing very easy. Young students benefit from a medium-sized bore because they can use less air to produce notes.

You won’t have to worry about struggling to play this instrument.

5. Tromba Plastic Trumpet

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Although most trumpets are made from brass, they can be very heavy.

Younger players might not handle the size and weight of a brass instrument. Luckily, some trumpets are made from plastic.

This trumpet model by Tromba is plastic, making it very lightweight. Each of these trumpets only weighs about 500 grams.

Even though it is lighter than other trumpets, the Tromba plastic trumpet is still very durable. The plastic exterior is damage-resistant and easy to clean.

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You might think that this trumpet is of poor quality because it is plastic, but its construction allows students to produce a good first sound.

Each piston is made from stainless steel, which increases the trumpet’s durability.

Young players can keep this trumpet functioning well using any synthetic oil.

6. Yamaha YTR-2330 Beginner Trumpet

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Although this trumpet model is one of the most expensive on this list, it is a worthy investment.

If your child plans on playing trumpet for years to come, this is a great option.

The YTR-2330 is a beginner trumpet that Yamaha manufactures. It is made to be lightweight and very easy to use. Beginners will have no problems learning music on this trumpet.

With a balanced weight and adjustable third valve trigger, the YTR-2330 is very easy to hold. This allows each player to have a natural hand position without creating any tension.

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Young students will be encouraged to have good technique, enhancing their music education.

You’ll find that this instrument is very high quality for a beginner model. It is a more expensive option but was made with state-of-the-art production methods.

Plus, you’ll be able to use this trumpet for a few years. Cheaper models tend to be of cheaper quality.

7. Eastar Cornet Cupronickel Slides EBT-380

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Sometimes even a lightweight Bb trumpet can be too heavy for small kids.

When starting to learn the trumpet at a young age, consider trying a cornet at first. A cornet has a similar tone and range as a Bb trumpet but is easier to hold and carry.

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The Eastar cornet is perfect for beginners looking for a lighter option. This model is very affordable and durable as well.

With this cornet, a young student can achieve a clean, bright sound without the difficulty of holding up their instrument. You can easily project a great, powerful sound using an Eastar cornet.

For around $150, and Eastar cornet is an affordable option. Many of the trumpets on this list cost twice as much and will be more difficult to play.

For the youngest players, we’d recommend this option.

Final Thoughts

For beginners, it can be difficult to find a trumpet that is light enough to carry without sacrificing quality.

When shopping for lightweight trumpet models, it’s best to choose from one of the options on this list.

It’s also important to remember those beginner models are always lower quality than intermediate or professional trumpet models. Although these beginner trumpets will be ideal for young students, they won’t last forever.

Musicians need to go through a few instrument upgrades as they get older. When students are young, it’s best to get a lightweight model to learn proper embouchure techniques. Then you can purchase higher quality models after a couple of years.


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