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10 Great Trumpets For Marching Bands [Buying Guide]

Whether you’re going into high school, college, or a professional marching band, you need the right trumpet.

You could use the same model that you use for a concert band or orchestra.

However, it would be best if you had a durable model that is comfortable and easy to play:

Our Top Picks:

When shopping for the best trumpet for marching band, you should consider a few models.

The best picks are easy to hold and not too heavy:

1. Jean Paul USA TR-330 (Budget Pick)

The Jean Paul USA TR-330 is an excellent choice for beginners and other players on a tight budget.

New marching band members may not want to use their expensive trumpet on the field, but if buying another costly trumpet is out of the question, the TR-33o can be a good pick.

It’s a student model so that you can use it as a beginner or an experienced trumpeter. The yellow brass body looks great and can fit in with a marching trumpet section.

Plus, it comes with a mouthpiece, valve oil, and a cleaning cloth to keep your trumpet in good condition.

You even get a pair of gloves to wear, which can help keep your hands warm during a cold rehearsal. Everything comes in a contoured case to help protect your instrument and accessories.

At only three pounds, you don’t have to worry about this trumpet weighing you down on the field. The lightweight nature also makes it easy to perform visual tricks with your trumpet.


  • Affordable
  • Good for players of all levels
  • Lightweight


  • Valves can stick

2. Bach Stradivarius 180S37 (Overall Winner)

The best trumpet for marching band is the Bach Stradivarius 180S37.

It’s a yellow brass model with a silver finish, so it looks and sounds great on the field and in a parade. Intonation is even, so players don’t have to retune constantly. Instead, the focus can remain on playing and marching.

If you don’t like the standard setup, you can get this model with a first or third valve trigger. That way, you can adjust the tuning while playing if it does go out of tune.

As a professional model, this trumpet is great for advanced players.

You’ll get a mouthpiece with the instrument, so you don’t have to use the same mouthpiece for marching and indoor performances. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting your mouthpiece in the other case.

This trumpet isn’t the lightest model, but it’s a standard weight. Using it means you don’t need to work as hard to keep the trumpet at a good angle.


  • Good for advanced players
  • Not too heavy
  • Different specs available


  • A bit expensive

3. Bach TR300H2

Another model from Bach, the TR300H2, is a great marching band trumpet.

It’s suitable for students and can help all players make a sound without much practice or effort. The piston valves move up and down easily without making a ton of noise so that players can focus on the music.

Unfortunately, it’s not as lightweight as some trumpets, but it’s quite durable since it is a model for students. The trumpet has to be able to hold up against a lot of things beginners might do.

Even if you have experience playing the trumpet, that durability can come in handy. You don’t have to worry as much about what could happen if you drop the trumpet.

While the valves can stick, valve oil is all you need to get the valves to move again. That way, you can keep playing through a long rehearsal, parade, or field show.


  • Durable
  • Great for students
  • Easy to play


  • Valves can stick

4. Yamaha YTR-2330

The Yamaha YTR-2330 is yet another excellent choice for a marching band trumpet.

It’s an affordable and reliable model, so it’s perfect for use on the field. Playing the trumpet is easy, and it can produce a fantastic sound.

Plus, the yellow brass bell helps it fit in visually with other trumpets.

The pistons, caps, and buttons are all new and work well so that you can play fast with ease. And those features make the trumpet last longer than some models. Plus, the third valve trigger helps you hold the trumpet comfortably.

It isn’t the lightest trumpet, but the weight is fairly balanced throughout the instrument. Because of that, you can hold it in the right position for your marching band.

Yamaha uses the same manufacturing method on this model as the more expensive ones. That way, you can get the same sound and stability, and you don’t have to risk dropping or damaging a higher-end instrument.


  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to play
  • Durable


  • A bit heavy

5. Yamaha Advantage YTR-200AD II

Another great trumpet for marching band also comes from Yamaha.

The Yamaha Advantage YTR-200AD II is a student-level instrument, so it’s great for beginners, but advanced trumpeters can use it in a more expensive model, and this trumpet can sound good on the field.

This model features a bright gold finish, so it can look as good as it sounds. You can get a lot of use out of the trumpet between trips to a technician for maintenance, so it’s great for students and professionals who march.

Now, it’s not as affordable as some student models, so it’s not the best for absolute beginners, but if you know you like playing the trumpet and want something good for the marching band, give it a try.

You can even use the trumpet as a backup if your main trumpet needs repair. It comes with a mouthpiece as well, so you don’t have to buy an extra one.


  • Useful for most players
  • It looks and sounds good
  • Easy to play


  • A bit expensive

6. Yamaha Xeno Trumpet

The Yamaha Xeno Trumpet is an intermediate model with lightweight piston valves that move easily.

It uses yellow brass and a silver finish to help project the player’s sound across a field. A silver leadpipe helps make the sound bright and easy to hear, while the reverse leadpipe design also helps with the sound.

If you tend to play many upbeat tunes with fast notes, you should try the Xeno. The valves move smoothly and quickly, so you can hit the right notes, and the mouthpiece makes it easy to hit the correct partial.

Unfortunately, this trumpet is quite a bit heavier than some models, but if you have the strength to hold it, you can enjoy the sound quality and other benefits.

If you’re looking to join a professional band, you can’t go wrong with this model. However, it’s not the most affordable option on the market.


  • Great sound
  • Easy to play
  • Suitable for advanced players


  • Quite heavy

7. Jupiter JTR700

Jupiter’s JTR700 is a fantastic student model trumpet to use in a marching band.

Beginners can use the instrument to get a sound without as much practice, but intermediate and advanced trumpeters can get a good sound without using their more expensive models. That way, they don’t have to worry about dropping it.

This trumpet is free blowing so that you can get a sound sooner than on other models. Plus, you’ll be able to get a clear tone with plenty of focus. Its excellent intonation also means you don’t have to struggle to stay in tune.

You can adjust the third valve with the slide, so you can fix any small intonation issues that come up. Meanwhile, the first valve slide thumb saddle helps your hand get comfortable while you play.

The student trumpet is of excellent quality, and you can put it through a lot of use. Whether this is your first trumpet or you buy it for marching band, you can use it to sound fantastic.


  • Easy to play
  • Great specs
  • Durable


  • Slightly heavy

8. Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet 1100S

The Jupiter 1100S is an intermediate model that’s also worth trying for marching band.

It’s yellow brass with silver plating, so it looks and sounds amazing. This model has a reverse leadpipe and a custom bell to help players get the sound they want out of the trumpet.

You can adjust the first and third valve slides, and the ring and saddle are comfortable. That makes it easy to keep your hands from getting too tense during a long bout of playing.

Intermediate and advanced players can play the trumpet easily, and it will sound good throughout the range. That makes it useful for players who don’t know what trumpet part they will be playing.

While it’s a bit more expensive, you do get more advanced features than a student model can provide. Plus, it’s not too heavy, so most people should be able to hold it.


  • Good features
  • Sounds great
  • Easy to play


  • Not for beginners

9. King 2055 Silver Flair Series Bb Trumpet

The King 2055 is another amazing trumpet to play in a marching band.

It has a yellow brass body with a rose brass leadpipe, but the entire instrument has silver plating. That can make it easier to play across a large field and have people hear the trumpet well.

Its bore is 0.462 inches, so it’s a bit larger than some trumpets. The larger bore can help you sound good and play loud enough for a solo or section part.

While it’s not the lightest model, it’s also not the heaviest, so if you can hold most trumpets while marching, this one shouldn’t be an issue.

The King 2055 is also not extremely expensive. If you want a balance between value and price, you can find it with this trumpet.


  • Easy to play
  • Projects well
  • Large bore


  • A bit heavy

10. Prelude TR711 Bb Lacquered Trumpet

The Prelude TR711 is yet another amazing trumpet to use in a marching band.

It comes with a genuine Bach 7C mouthpiece, which can help produce a fantastic sound on and off the field. Plus, the instrument is only three pounds, so it’s easy to hold the model up at the right angle.

This model has a yellow brass body with a clear lacquer to fit with other trumpets and brass instruments. Meanwhile, the red brass mouthpiece helps you sound warm and not too strident.

You can use the two water keys during a long rehearsal to keep moisture from building up inside. You can also use the adjustable third finger slide with the ring to make sure you stay in tune.

This model is perfect for beginners and trumpeters who need something for the field. It’s not too expensive, but it has some excellent features to help you succeed in marching band.


  • Lightweight
  • It looks and sounds good
  • Good mouthpiece


  • Not for professionals

How Much Should You REALLY Pay for a Trumpet for Marching Band?

You shouldn’t pay a ton of money for a trumpet that you will use in marching band.

Depending on where you march, you may have to deal with extreme heat, cold, or both.

Other extreme conditions, like rain, can be costly if your trumpet is expensive. Try to keep your purchase to less than $2,000.

That way, you have some options to consider, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a good instrument.


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