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How Much Should I Spend On My First Trumpet? (Guide)

Learning a new instrument can be an exciting experience, but many people worry about the price.

If you are concerned that you won’t be able to afford a new trumpet, know that there are plenty of inexpensive brands out there.

Let’s talk about how much you should spend on your first trumpet:

Here’s an Idea of How Much You Should Spend on Your First Trumpet:

Any instrument won’t be cheap, but you can easily avoid expensive brands. Beginners should find an instrument that is reasonably priced with good quality. Generally, beginner trumpets should cost between $200 and $500.

How Much Do Good Beginner Trumpets Cost?

Beginner trumpets have a price range of less than $200 to over $1,000.

Students will usually outgrow their first instruments fairly quickly, so you won’t want to buy something too expensive.

When buying your first trumpet, you should have a price range of $200 to $500.

Instruments that are less than $200 will have a cheaper construction. Buying a trumpet that costs more than $500 could be a bad decision because some beginners don’t continue to play for years.

Others will soon need to transition to an intermediate trumpet.

It’s best not to spend a lot of money on your first instrument. Beginner trumpets generally do not last a long time, so save that investment for an intermediate model.

What are The Best Beginner Trumpets?

During your search for a beginner trumpet, it’s best to look for familiar brands.

Any trumpet brand that has not been reviewed will not be very high quality.

With any trumpet model, be sure to check the reviews. With cheaper brands, there will usually be mentions of faulty valves.

However, there are a few inexpensive trumpets with good construction.

Here are the best beginner trumpets:


Yamaha is a trusted brand that consistently creates great instruments.

Their YTR-2330 is a great choice for beginners. It offers a great sound and is easy to play.

With its free-flowing valves, students won’t have to worry about sticky valves. This is usually a big problem for cheap trumpets.

Yamaha makes high-quality instruments, and their beginner trumpets don’t come cheap. The YTR-2330 is $1,384 to buy new.


Allora trumpets are also perfect for a beginner player.

Reviewers of this brand mention its bright timbre and controlled tone. It does a great job of staying in tune.

Their beginner trumpets were created for smaller hands. Young players find it easier to play on an Allora because of its first-valve thumb saddle and third-valve finger-ring.

Alloras are in the optimal price range for beginners. Their student series starts at $499.99 on music retailer websites.


Although Getzen makes inexpensive trumpet models, their instruments don’t seem cheap.

Getzen trumpets are free-blowing and have smooth valves. Beginners won’t struggle to make a sound with this brand.

A pre-owned Getzen beginner trumpet has a price range of $150-$500. Getzen no longer manufactures these models, but you can find them used.

These will be much cheaper, but be sure to carefully check their quality.


The Etude ETR-100 is a great beginner trumpet.

Students often achieve great projection and tone with this instrument.

Etude beginner trumpets are constructed for beginners and have features that are ideal for smaller hands. With a thumb saddle and adjustable third valve finger ring, students can hold the Etude ETR-100 comfortably.

A brand-new Etude ETR-100 sells for $264.99. This is one of the cheapest high-quality student trumpets you can buy.

What is the Best Place to Buy a Trumpet?

The best place to buy a trumpet is a music shop.

You can visit these music retailers in person and try out different trumpet models. The employees work with you to find the right instrument for your needs.

If you don’t want to visit a physical store, there are plenty of great online retailers. Woodwind and Brasswind and Guitar Center offer a wide variety of brands and models.

Is It Worth It To Start Out on a Plastic Trumpet?

Some beginners want to choose a plastic trumpet for their first instrument.

These are appealing because students can have a trumpet that matches their favorite color, rather than being standard brass.

Plastic trumpets can also be more lightweight. Brass is much heavier than plastic, and many young students find it easier to hold plastic trumpets.

When learning the proper posture for playing, plastic instruments can be beneficial.

However, plastic instruments are usually cheaply made and cannot be repaired. They can be resistant to some damage, but they aren’t indestructible.

Once they are broken, not many repair shops can fix them.

Is it Recommended To Start Out on a Second-Hand Trumpet?

You can save money by purchasing a trumpet second-hand.

This does come with the danger of buying an instrument before you play on it.

Usually, the best option for beginners is to buy a new trumpet. This way, students can know that they are receiving a high-quality horn that no one else has played.

You can also find good trumpets used, but you need to make sure that the previous owner left their horn in good condition. If a pre-owned trumpet looks great in pictures, you could ask the seller to send a video of how it sounds.

If you decide to buy a secondhand trumpet, give it a playtest. Have a more experienced trumpet player try it out to see whether it was worth buying.

You could request a return if the quality doesn’t seem as high in person.

Are Beginner Trumpets Harder to Play Than Professional Trumpets?

Beginner trumpet players should avoid buying professional trumpets.

Because they are specifically made for advanced players, new students will find them difficult to play.

Professional trumpets easily jump from one note to the next natural tone or a full octave. It will be harder for beginners to play one consistent pitch.

Beginner trumpets are manufactured to be easy to play. Instrument brands want new players to have little difficulty creating a good, strong tone.

For more information about professional trumpets, check out our article: Are Professional Trumpets Easier To Play? (Explained)

6 Things to Look For When Buying Your First Trumpet

Many parents and students struggle when buying an instrument.

They often don’t know what to look for and might end up getting a low-quality horn. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying your first trumpet:

1. Look for the Correct Model:

When you are looking for your first trumpet, make sure that you are searching for student Bb trumpets.

Many brands have different models to choose from, and you don’t want to accidentally buy a professional trumpet.

2. Search for Well-Known Brands:

There are currently many different instrument brands to choose from.

It can be hard to know which ones are worth your investment. For beginner trumpets, you can’t go wrong with Yamaha, Allora, Getzen, or Etude.

Depending on your budget, any of these brands could meet your needs.

3. Bore Size:

The width of the brass tubing is the bore size. Standard student trumpets have a medium bore size, about .459 inches.

Music retailers will have this information in the description of each trumpet.

4. Quality of Valves:

Cheap beginner trumpets usually have the most valve problems.

Be sure to check the reviews to see if other customers mention valves sticking or breaking.

When you receive your horn, check the valves carefully.

They should be able to freely move up and down. You should also learn how to properly use valve oil so that you can avoid long-term issues.

5. Mouthpiece:

A beginner should be comfortable with their mouthpiece.

You will usually receive a standard student-size mouthpiece, which works for most beginners.

Trumpet mouthpieces are made in a variety of sizes, so be sure to choose a beginner mouthpiece.

6. Check for Dents:

Especially if you buy a pre-owned trumpet, you’ll need to check the outside of the instrument for any damage.

Although beginner trumpets are fairly durable, serious dings or dents could impact the way it plays.

Final Thoughts

Buying an instrument can be stressful.

There are so many different brands, all at different prices. Some beginner trumpets cost less than $200, some are more than $1,000.

For new trumpet players, it’s best to have a budget of $200 to $500. This way, you will avoid low-quality brands.

You can also make a bigger investment in an intermediate model later on.

During your search, pay attention to reviews! There are a few brands that are well-known and respected.

These will have a lot of good reviews. You’ll want to avoid any obscure brands that haven’t been reviewed very much.


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