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6 Best Trumpet Straight Mutes (Cheap to High-End)

Trumpets have a very bright, loud tone. Even though this is ideal for most music genres, sometimes a softer timbre is needed.

To change the tone of your trumpet, you’ll need a straight mute. This can allow you to produce a softer, more mellow tone that will blend better with other instruments.

There is a variety of straight mutes on the market, so let’s talk about the best brands:

Here Are the Best Trumpet Straight Mutes:

The best trumpet straight mutes will make your tone softer without impacting pitch or intonation. The brands that are the most popular for producing straight mutes are Pro Tec, Humes & Berg, Bach, Denis Wick, and Tom Crown.

1. Pro Tec Liberty Mutes ML100 Straight Trumpet Mute

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Pro Tec mutes are well-loved because of their high-quality construction and fairly low price tag. Their ML100 straight mute is no exception.

This straight mute is highly valued in the trumpet community because of its high-quality materials.

Because it is made with aluminum, the Pro Tec straight mute allows you to produce a rich and full tone. Unlike other mutes, the Pro Tec won’t distort your pitch.

You also have the option of customizing your straight mute with a copper or brass bottom. The copper will give more warmth to your tone than the aluminum base. With the brass bottom, you can achieve maximum warmth in your playing.

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The Pro Tec straight mute has many positive reviews from satisfied trumpet players. They mentioned that this mute is lightweight, producing great sound quality at a reasonable price.

Its price indicates that the Pro Tec straight mute is a great option for beginners. Although it might not perform as well as higher-priced mutes, the Pro Tec mute is a great tool for beginners learning muted music.

At only $35, the Pro Tec ML 100 straight mute is a solid choice for players at all levels. It is a high-quality, affordable tool that can benefit most trumpet players.

2. Humes & Berg Trumpet Straight Mute

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Trumpet mutes don’t have to be made of metal to work effectively. The Humes & Berg trumpet straight mute is a popular choice among trumpet players because of its durability, playability, and affordability.

Because it is stone-lined, the Humes & Berg straight mute plays well in all registers.

Humes & Berg specially designed this mute to be easy blowing. Even though you will face some resistance with all mutes, the Humes & Berg straight mute won’t be difficult to play.

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You can stay in tune when using this straight mute. With other mute brands, it’s frequently easy to have a warped sound that is out of tune, but you won’t face these problems with a mute by Humes & Berg.

The Humes & Berg straight mute is popular for younger players because it is lightweight and affordable. Beginners can benefit from having an effective mute while not worrying about its high price tag.

This mute only costs around $20. For a straight mute, this low-end brand is extremely affordable.

3. Bach 1860 Trumpet Straight Mute

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Bach is a well-known instrument manufacturer that ensures all its products are high-quality and well worth the price. Their straight mute is no different, offering a tool that delivers superior performance to all players.

The materials that compose the Bach 1860 straight mute, such as economical polyethylene, are unlike anything on the market. The Bach 1860 trumpet straight mute is lightweight, durable, and effective in altering a trumpet’s tone.

It is very difficult to dent this straight mute. This is because of its practically indestructible polyethylene material. For younger players especially, this is a great feature.

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Reviewers mention that the Bach 1860 straight mute allows for a soft tone without a tinny edge.

When needing a solid, mellow tone for making recordings and playing in ensembles, you can’t go wrong with this straight mute.

Even though it is a high-quality mute, the Bach 1860 isn’t too expensive. It costs around $30 on Woodwind and Brasswind.

4. Denis Wick DW5504 Trumpet Straight Mute

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First designed in 1968, Many trumpet players of all levels have cherished Denis Wick mutes. Their DW5504 model is their most successful mute.

Straight mutes often hinder a player’s intonation and resistance. With the Denis Wick DW 5504, these problems disappear.

This straight mute stays in tune throughout every register. Additionally, you’ll be able to retain the free-blowing quality of your trumpet. Even though the mute covers the bell, you can still have a great deal of resonance.

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Denis Wick created this trumpet straight mute to be bigger and more open than previous designs by other brands. This way, trumpet players can produce a full sound and avoid intonation issues.

The metal used to make the Denis Wick DW5504 mute is work-hardened. This high-purity spun aluminum allows the mute to be lightweight, resonant, and responsive.

Because the end of the mute is constructed with real cork, it will last much longer. You also won’t have to worry about your mute falling out of the trumpet because the cork provides a great seal.

On Woodwind and Brasswind, the Denis Wick 5504 trumpet straight mute is priced at $43. This is more expensive than other brands.

5. Denis Wick DW5571 Synthetic Trumpet Straight Mute

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The Denis Wick DW5571 synthetic trumpet straight mute is the cheapest option on this list, but this doesn’t affect its quality. This mute is reputable because of its high-quality design and craftsmanship, offered at low prices.

Like other Denis Wick mutes, the DW5571 uses professional materials and craftsmanship. The only difference is that this straight mute is made from synthetic material to offer a cheaper option for beginners.

Instead of being constructed from metal, this mute is synthetic. Denis Wick uses hard and durable plastic to form the body of the DW5571 straight mute.

The cork pieces at the end of the mute are specially cut to fit inside any trumpet bell. It is pre-shaped so that no student has to be concerned about filing their cork down to size.

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Most beginner trumpet mutes are made from cheap materials and don’t perform well. A poor mute can cause students to crack notes or have poor intonation.┬áBecause of this, students don’t get the proper education in mute playing.

With the Denis Wick synthetic straight mute, students can have a different experience when learning how to play with mutes. This mute creates a very stable sound with accurate intonation, making beginner trumpet players feel comfortable playing.

The best part about the Denis Wick DW5571 synthetic straight mute is its affordability. At only $15, any student can have a professional-sounding mute at a fraction of the cost.

6. Tom Crown Trumpet Straight Mute

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Tom Crown was a trumpet player in the Lyric Opera Orchestra when he created his first mute. Even though he originally tried to make a piccolo trumpet mute, the dimensions were perfect for a standard Bb trumpet.

The company grew to what it is today, currently making some of the best mutes on the market. One of these is the straight mute for trumpet.

A Tom Crown straight mute is bell-shaped. This is ideal for brass players, as the brass bell flares outward. The bell shape allows each mute to be an acoustic match to the instrument.

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Trumpet players frequently recommend Tom Crown mutes because of their consistent tone quality, intonation, and resistance.

With their straight mutes, players of all levels can achieve a large, dynamic range with great pitch.

When you buy a brand new Tom Crown mute, you have many different options. Their straight mute can come in all-aluminum, brass, or copper. You can also customize the end with brass or copper.

The all-aluminum trumpet straight mute is similar to a classic straight mute. However, it offers a slightly brighter tone.

The cost of Tom Crown mutes varies based on each player’s materials. The most popular choice is the all-aluminum trumpet straight mute, priced around $45 on Woodwind and Brasswind.

Final Thoughts

Every trumpet player can benefit from getting a straight mute.

These effectively alter the tone of your trumpet, making it softer and warmer. Some orchestral or jazz pieces have muted passages, so it’s always a good idea to have a straight mute.

The best brands for straight mutes are Pro Tec, Humes & Berg, Bach, Denis Wick, and Tom Crown. Consider the Humes & Berg straight mute for the most affordable options and the Denis Wick DW5571 synthetic straight mute.


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