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How Much Do Selmer Trumpets Cost? (7 Examples)

Have you been shopping for the perfect trumpet with no luck?

It would be best if you considered Selmer trumpets, but don’t forget to research their pricing.

Here’s how much Selmer trumpets cost:

Selmer trumpets range in price from $50 to over $5,000. The exact cost comes from the model, age, and condition. Trumpets from brands such as Bach and King fall under Conn-Selmer, which can also affect the price. Be sure to consider a range of instruments from Selmer to find the best one.

Are Selmer Trumpets Expensive?

Compared to similar models, Selmer trumpets are not expensive, though they do vary in price.

Some Selmer trumpets are available for less than $100, while others cost more than $1,000. The price differs due to the model and whether the trumpet is new or used.

Some Selmer trumpets are more expensive if they’re rare, such as a silver model. You may need to shop around more to find one of these trumpets so that the seller can justify a higher price.

On the other hand, a common Selmer trumpet may cost less, such as a student model. They’re easier to find and less costly to produce, resulting in a lower price for you.

4 Price Examples for NEW Selmer Trumpets

New trumpets with the Selmer brand aren’t very common anymore, but Selmer is part of Conn-Selmer, which owns various instrument companies.

Bach, King, Prelude, and Aristocrat trumpets are part of the Conn-Selmer family.

Those brands are available new and at different price points:

1.  Bach Trumpets

Bach trumpets are of excellent quality, but that does lead to a higher price.

Trumpets from this brand cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,200, give or take a few hundred dollars. Bach student trumpets fall closer to the $1,000 range, while professional models cost much more than that.

If you want a good quality instrument, you can’t go wrong with a Bach trumpet. They’re part of the Selmer family, so they offer the same quality and trust.

Plus, you can find new trumpets more easily than if you only look for Selmer models. Bach trumpets are suitable for students, professionals, and everyone in between.

2. King Trumpets

Another member of the Conn-Selmer family of brands, King, makes some fantastic trumpets.

They’re beneficial for trumpet players who need an instrument for marching band, but they have a smaller price range than Bach, with new models selling for $1,300 to $1,700.

The most popular models from King are silver, so they look and sound a bit different from trumpets with brass lacquer. If you want to explore the different sounds, King trumpets are worth trying.

These instruments aren’t as expensive as some on the market. That makes them great for players on a budget and anyone who needs a suitable backup trumpet.

3. Prelude Trumpets

Prelude by Conn-Selmer is a small trumpet brand with one main model for students.

It costs about $410, though the price may change in the future.

Still, it’s a very economical choice for beginners and casual players. You can get an instrument of good quality without breaking the bank.

Now, the trumpet may not help you become a professional.

However, it’s great for its purpose of helping students start to learn to play the trumpet.

4. Aristocrat Trumpets

Aristocrat trumpets are a sub-brand of Bach, and the Standard Trumpet model is great.

It costs about $1,200 new, so it’s not as expensive as Bach models, but you can still enjoy the design and build quality of the famous brand.

Whether you’re looking to start the trumpet or want a bit of an upgrade on a budget, you may want to try this model.

Then, you can enjoy a new trumpet from the Conn-Selmer family of instruments.

3 Price Examples for USED Selmer Trumpets:

If you want a Selmer trumpet and not one from a partner brand, you may need to shop for a used model.

Websites like eBay frequently have used Selmer trumpets available for sale at various price points. Current prices as of this writing range from around $55 to $1,500.

Various factors can affect the price of used Selmer trumpets, including:

  • Age
  • Model
  • Materials
  • Instrument condition

Consider some of the following used trumpet examples to determine how much you can expect to pay for a Selmer.

1. Bundy Selmer Trumpet

Technically another sub-brand, Bundy trumpets are part of Selmer overall.

If you’re looking for a good deal on an older Selmer trumpet, though, finding them on eBay or other sites is worth checking out. The price is low enough that most players will have money to put towards repairs if necessary.

You probably won’t find a similar trumpet for low prices very often.

So if it sounds like the perfect instrument, you should look into buying it.

2. Selmer Model 23

Another eBay listing is for a Selmer Model 23 trumpet from 1949.

Most Selmer Model 23s will cost roughly $1,200 used, so you’ll need to save up to get it. However, vintage instruments still look good and work well.

The instrument will likely come in a cheaper case, keeping the seller from pricing the trumpet higher.

If you’ve wanted to get a vintage instrument, this can be a great choice.

3. Selmer Paris SABARICH Model

The Selmer Paris SABARICH Model is the rare silver trumpet mentioned earlier.

You can usually find one selling for about $1,500 on the eBay used market in pretty good condition. Like many old instruments, it will probably have some wear and scratches from years of use.

You can move the valves and tuning slides so that you can get some playtime out of this.

It’s a nice choice if you’re looking for a new primary trumpet, but you can also add it to your collection. The model looks and sounds great, and it’s not too expensive.

Are Selmer Trumpets Still as Good as They Used to Be?

Many used Selmer trumpets can play just as well as they did when they were new.

As long as the prior owner took good care of the instrument, such as by cleaning it and not dropping it, you should be able to play the instrument immediately. Even if you can’t, a quick trip to the trumpet repair shop should bring it back into playing condition.

While new Selmer trumpets aren’t as common, the sub-brands are very similar. Vincent Bach worked for Selmer before making his own trumpets so that you can expect the same quality from both brands.

To make your Selmer trumpet last, be sure to clean it after you play. Please take it to a technician any time you need to do more work to maintain the instrument.

Then, it will continue to work for decades to come.

What Do the Professional Players Think of Selmer Trumpets?

Bach and King are two of the most common brands for professional trumpet players, and there’s a long list of artists who play them and other brands under the Conn-Selmer umbrella.

Because of those endorsements, it’s fair to say that many professional trumpet players think highly of the Selmer brand.

Even if someone doesn’t play a Selmer trumpet, they may still enjoy them. Selmer is one of the biggest instrument brands in brass, so it would be hard to find a professional who hasn’t heard of the company.

Of course, some players may not enjoy Selmer trumpets. They might prefer the sound of Yamaha or Getzen trumpets, but that doesn’t mean that Selmer trumpets are bad.

Final Thoughts

Selmer trumpets cost anywhere from $50 to $5,000, depending on the model.

New instruments also tend to cost more than used ones, but they aren’t always better.

Whether you want a genuine Selmer trumpet or one from the Conn-Selmer family, you can find one in your budget.


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