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9 Trumpet Brands That Are Made In USA (Checked)

If you want a new trumpet and support American companies, you may wonder what trumpet brands to consider.

Not all brands make instruments in the U.S., but many do, including some popular brands.

1. Bach

Vincent Bach started this line of trumpets in the Midwest of the U.S.A.

The company currently makes its student models in Eastlake, OH.

Meanwhile, the company produces its intermediate and professional horns almost 260 miles away in Elkhart, IN. Elkhart is a popular town for instrument makers, especially brass and winds.

Bach is already one of the most popular trumpet brands out there. The fact that you can support an American-based company is all the more reason to purchase a Bach trumpet.

Of course, they also make their mouthpieces in one of their two manufacturing locations.

If you are still deciding whether to upgrade your trumpet, you can get a Bach mouthpiece.

2. B.A.C. Music

B.A.C. Music makes its Custom Brass and Handcraft Series by hand in Kansas City, MO.

The Handcraft Series comprises two models, the Paseo and the Plaza, both named for famous city areas.

As the name suggests, you can order a custom trumpet under the Custom Brass label. You can choose the taper, alloy, gauges, and bore size to meet your needs.

When making custom trumpets, B.A.C. Music uses techniques from the 1930s to 60s that made trumpets of the time so great. That way, you can get a vintage sound without needing to find a vintage horn.

Now, the brand does make student and intermediate trumpets.

However, the website needs to clarify if B.A.C. Music also makes those instruments in Kansas City, elsewhere in the U.S.A., or internationally.

3. Blessing

Blessing has a factory in Elkhart, IN, where it makes many of its trumpet models.

The company employs multiple experienced brass instrument makers.

That way, they can produce the instruments by hand and ensure they’re of the best quality. Now, there are better or more popular trumpet brands than Blessing.

However, they cost a bit less than some brands, so that you can get a good model on a budget.

Of course, you can also support an American business while getting your next trumpet.

Before buying a Blessing trumpet, check the mouthpiece receiver. They do make some of their trumpets in China.

Want to know where else trumpets are made? Check out our article that checks 26 brands!

4. Conn-Selmer

Conn-Selmer makes all its student, intermediate, and professional trumpets and other instruments in the U.S.A.

The specific city where they make a trumpet can vary.

You’ll find Conn-Selmer factories in Elkhart, IN, Cleveland, Eastlake, OH, and Monroe, NC.

From the website, I couldn’t tell if each manufacturing location is for a specific instrument or instrument level.

Either way, you can buy from Conn-Selmer and any related brands and know you’re supporting an American company. Like many other brands, the professional models will most likely have more handmade elements.

However, beginner instruments are suitable for new trumpet players on a budget. You can then buy the instruments from a variety of music shops.

5. Getzen

Getzen produces all of its trumpets in Elkhorn, WI.

This includes their top-of-the-line professional models and the beginner instruments you may start on.

Now, on their website, Getzen specifies they make their Bb and C trumpets in Elkhorn, but they sell piccolo trumpets, too. It’s unclear if they make their piccolo trumpets in the same facility.

However, there’s a good chance they make all of their trumpets at their factory. That means you can buy any trumpet size and know that the trumpet was made in the U.S.A.

You can choose from multiple series of models, from the Custom Series down to the 300/400 series. That way, you can choose a trumpet in your budget.

6. King

King is one of the sub-brands of Conn-Selmer, so it makes sense that this brand also makes trumpets in the U.S.A.

This includes the King 601, which is the brand’s student model, so it also probably includes the more advanced models.

Like the Conn-Selmer brand, it’s unclear specifically where the basic King trumpet model is made.

However, it’s probably at one of the four manufacturing facilities across Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Regarding the King 2055S and 2055T, Conn-Selmer specifies they make it in Eastlake, OH. The same is true of the 601SP, so we can guess that the standard 601 also comes out of Eastlake.

Either way, you can support a business in the U.S.A. and Midwest, specifically.

You can order a King trumpet from one of their authorized dealers if you want to give the brand a try.

7. Phaeton

Phaeton is a relatively small trumpet brand, but they make at least part of their 2000 series trumpet in the U.S.A.

The other part is made in China, which isn’t ideal if you want an all-American-made instrument.

This brand has headquarters in Barrington, IL, and you can contact the company for more information.

If you have the model number or serial number, they can tell you where the trumpet was made. Then, you can know for sure if you have an American-made instrument.

If you’re looking to buy a second-hand Phaeton trumpet, you may want to ask the seller for the serial number to confirm the details.

8. Schilke

Schilke makes all of its trumpets in Melrose Park, IL.

They custom-build all of their trumpets and start by making all of the parts at their Illinois factory.

That means you can get either an American trumpet or a mouthpiece from the brand. A mouthpiece is a nice compromise if you’re not ready for a full instrument upgrade.

You can even buy Schilke valve oil and grease to use on your trumpet, regardless of the brand. Schilke is one of the best trumpet brands out there, especially for advanced players.

Unfortunately, some of the models are relatively expensive. However, supporting a domestic brand and getting the best trumpet for you is well worth it.

9. Yamaha

Yamaha is yet another trumpet brand that makes some but not all of its trumpets in the U.S.A.

They also make instruments in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan.

You’ll need to look at your instrument to see if it says the country. If not, you can find the model number or serial number and contact Yamaha to get specific details on your trumpet.

In general, China is the production home of student models, while Japan is a more common manufacturing location for their professional horns.

You may come across some USA-made Yamahas. Contacting the company is the best way to learn where they made a specific trumpet, mouthpiece, or trumpet part.

Final Thoughts

When comparing trumpet brands, you may want to know where a brand makes its instruments.

Some brands make all of their trumpets in the U.S.A., while others only make certain models domestically.

When companies make trumpets in various countries, asking the brand directly will give you the most accurate answer.


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