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Are Eastar Trumpets Any Good? (An Honest Review)

Buying a beginner trumpet can be a tricky process.

There are various brands with a wide range of prices, so it can be not easy to judge which instruments are high-quality.

Eastar produces beginner trumpets that are cost-effective, but are they any good?

Here’s an in-depth review of Eastar trumpets to see whether they are worth buying:

The Quality of Eastar Trumpets:

Eastar excels at making great beginner trumpets. Eastar trumpets are inexpensive, but their construction is high-quality. These models are easy to play and have hardly any negative reviews. This is a great choice for new players who want a cost-effective option.

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How Hard or Easy Are Eastar Trumpets to Play?

Although Eastar trumpets are inexpensive, they are great models for beginners.

There will be problems with most cheap trumpets with poorly constructed valves, and they will stick or break quickly. Eastar trumpet valves are smooth and easy to move.

Eastar trumpets are constructed very well, being entirely made from brass, unlike cheaper horns lined with plastic. They have stable welding joints, and their slides move well.

Since Eastar trumpets are brass, they can be heavier than other beginner trumpets. This might make it difficult for beginners to hold this trumpet for long periods. However, this extra weight is a sign that it is a high-quality instrument with no cheap parts.

If you are an adult trumpet player, you might be disappointed by the mouthpiece. Eastar trumpets come with a 7C mouthpiece, which is ideal for younger players. Most adults prefer a 5C, but upgrading to another mouthpiece is a simple process.

This brand is perfect for beginner trumpet players. Intermediate and advanced players will need to find higher-quality, more expensive brands to learn advanced techniques.

What Genres Are They Good For?

Eastar directs its marketing toward new players.

Their trumpet models are ideal for learning the fundamentals of trumpet playing.

On Eastar trumpets, a beginner can start to learn the basics of any genre. Most young trumpet players begin by learning classical styles. Beginners are focused on creating a clear tone, and this is achievable with an Eastar trumpet.

Jazz techniques are more complicated, and Eastar does not make a model specifically designed for playing jazz. A young student could start learning this style on an Eastar but would have an easier time on an intermediate trumpet.

More advanced players should find different brands that are well-suited for specific styles. Although Eastar trumpets are great for beginners, students will eventually need a different instrument as they improve.

How Long Do Eastar Trumpets Last?

Eastar trumpets are high-quality instruments, but they are best suited for beginners.

Although they may last for a long time, students will need intermediate trumpets after a couple of years of playing.

Beginner trumpets generally don’t last as long as more expensive models. However, reviews of Eastar trumpets mention that it is durable and won’t lose its value as quickly as other beginner trumpets.

Eastar trumpets also have high-quality valves, which is uncommon for cheap trumpets. They are smooth and rarely stick.

This ensures that Eastar intended their instruments to last for a long time.

What Do the Reviews Say?

For only $119.99 on Amazon, Eastar trumpets might seem to be too cheap.

Other trumpets with the same cost have a low-quality construction. They commonly have valves that break or stick, and this frustrates beginner players.

Eastar provides the best value for its cost. Beginners will find them easy to play, and parents will not argue with the price tag. These trumpets will not disappoint any beginner instrumentalist.

We checked the reviews on three different online websites:

  • Eastar
  • Amazon
  • YouTube

On Eastar’s website, their trumpets have many great reviews. Their Eastar ETR-380N trumpet model has an average of 4.8 stars. Out of 50 reviews, 40 people gave this instrument 5 stars, and 10 people gave 4-star reviews.

After looking at these reviews, many people agree that this trumpet is a great model for beginners. It’s inexpensive and plays well. They are happy with the sound quality and do not regret purchasing from Eastar.

After looking at the same model on Amazon, which 2,036 people have reviewed, most are content and happy with their choice of instrument. It has an average of 4.7 stars, with 77% of reviewers giving five-star ratings.

Positive reviews mention that the finish is flawless, the slides move easily, and the sound is great. For the price, Eastar trumpets have great value.

There were also a few reviews posted on YouTube.

YouTube Reviews:

One trumpet player named Carter Miller remarked on the quality of the case, saying that it has great utility while aesthetically pleasing. This left a great first impression.

In his unboxing, Carter Miller noticed that his Easter trumpet came with a full cleaning kit. There was a cleaning snake, wire brushes with nylon bristles, valve oil, gloves, and cleaning cloths.

When he reviewed the Eastar trumpet, Miller noted that it didn’t feel as if it was made with cheap materials. He compared it to his more expensive trumpet and said that the Eastar felt heavier to hold.

The sound quality was brasher, but this might not be a huge problem for beginners. Miller stated that his model would do a good job when used in beginning bands or marching bands.

You can watch his full review here:

For only $100, this brand might be perfect for beginners.

Many reviews share the opinion that Eastar easily fulfills the needs of a first-time trumpet player.

How Long is the Warranty on Eastar Trumpets?

The warranty on all Eastar instruments lasts for one year. This is shorter than the average warranty for wind instruments.

Since instrument manufacturers expect their products to last for years to come, they usually have a warranty of 3-5 years. Eastar’s shorter warranty is concerning because most students use beginner models for longer than one year.

Although you won’t be playing on a beginner trumpet forever, you’ll want it to last until you purchase an intermediate model.

Eastar claims to manufacture instruments that will remain defect-free, but their short warranty implies otherwise.

What Gear Do You Get With an Eastar Trumpet?

Eastar provides everything you will need as a beginner trumpet player.

Whether you purchase a trumpet from their website or through Amazon, you’ll receive a full starter kit.

With an Eastar trumpet, you will receive a 7C mouthpiece, a case, and cleaning tools. This does not require any additional cost.

Instead of a hard case with clasps, Eastar trumpet cases are softer and close with a zipper. There is also a pouch attached to the outside, which can store extra mouthpieces, pencils, or anything else you bring to music rehearsal.

The case comes with standard straps which are carried in your hands, but there is an additional strap that you can use to sling your case over your shoulder. This makes it easier to carry your instrument anywhere.

Inside the case, Eastar provides tools for cleaning. You’ll find white gloves, cleaning cloths, valve oil, and wire brushes.

These supplies are great for any player, especially a new student learning how to take care of their instrument.

Final Thoughts

Eastar seems to be a good brand, especially for players who are new to the trumpet.

Many parents are looking for an inexpensive instrument for their children, unsure whether they will continue to play for years. Eastar makes a great option for this.

This brand is inexpensive but also high-quality. You won’t find many other models that are well made and won’t break the bank.

Beginners will be satisfied with their Eastar trumpet. If you are a more advanced trumpet player, this brand isn’t for you. Eastar designs their instruments for younger players.

It can be a daunting task to look for a new instrument, especially for beginners.

If you are looking for a cheap trumpet but don’t want to skimp on quality, Eastar can provide the perfect solution!


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