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5 Trumpet Brands You Should NEVER Buy (Here’s Why!)

Investing in a good trumpet from a reputable brand will be worthwhile.

When you stumble across a brand and are unsure about its quality, always check the reviews for its instruments. Other players will recommend whether to buy or avoid these trumpets.

Generally, if a brand has poor reviews and does not have a website, it would be best to buy from another brand:

Here’s Some Trumpet Brands You Should Never Buy:

Less reputable brands like Mendini, Jean Paul, and Lätzsch all produce trumpets that are not worth buying. Beginners should avoid these brands and invest in a higher quality instrument.

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The Mendini by Cecilio Bb trumpet has some positive reviews, but its cheap quality and construction match its low price.

Many people buy Mendini trumpets because of their price.

For only $119.99, this student trumpet appeals to beginners who want to avoid a large purchase. This is not the best choice because you get what you pay for.

Just look at some reviews. Even the positive reviews talk about how it is a cheap instrument, so the quality is questionable.

Other reviewers consistently mention the low-quality valves. Some state that their valves started sticking after one day of playing.

More experienced trumpet players complain about the sound quality. They mention that the tone is stuffy, and the instrument is difficult to play.

This is not ideal for any musician, especially beginners learning how to make a good sound.

The only positive aspect of this brand is that they make affordable instruments, but if your trumpet breaks easily because of poor construction, you might regret not investing in a reputable brand.

Jean Paul:

Jean Paul is another cheap trumpet brand that is not a great investment.

Although a student model sells for 199.99 on Amazon, the price reflects its poor quality.

One major issue with Jean Paul trumpets is their valves. With cheaper instruments, they have a cheaper construction. These trumpets frequently have valves that are not flexible.

Trumpet players need instruments with smooth valves. Any sticking will be detrimental to the learning process.

Both Mendini and Jean Paul manufacture their instruments in China. This way, they cut down on costs of construction, but the build quality suffers. Other brands that are manufactured in the United States will generally be more expensive but of higher quality.

When buying cheap beginner models, you won’t have an instrument with longevity. Jean Paul receives many positive reviews on Amazon, but none mention that the horn will last for years.

You can find better student trumpets. Although other brands will be more expensive, they will save you the cost of repairs or buying a new instrument.


Lätzsch is a German brand that offers custom trumpets, but they are not ideal for most players.

First, they are trombone manufacturers. Although they have years of experience in making trombones, their trumpets don’t get much attention.

This brand is generally for professionals. Students would have a hard time making a sound on these advanced-level horns.

They are not known for being easy to play, which is what beginners want in an instrument.

Even professionals have struggled to make a sound on Lätzsch trumpets. It can take a lot of time to get used to this brand.

Some players say that it is difficult to produce a loud volume on these trumpets. It may also have problems in intonation, which all players want to avoid.

After searching for reviews of this brand, we couldn’t find many. Lätzsch is not as beloved as Yamaha or Bach, but the lack of reviews is concerning.

This may indicate that not many people are buying trumpets from this brand.

Which Trumpet Brands are Good?

If you are a beginner who is wanting to find the right trumpet brand, look no further!

We compiled a list of great trumpet brands, especially for beginners. You can find an in-depth review of many reputable brands, along with prices for each one.

Here are our recommendations for beginner trumpet brands, including Yamaha, Allora, Getzen, and more: Are Trumpets Expensive? 6 Great Beginner Brands (With Prices)

Final Thoughts

Everyone is going to have different opinions on which trumpet brands are worth buying.

It’s best to ask your music teacher for recommendations and always play on a trumpet before buying it.

If you are a beginner, ask an experienced trumpet player for their advice. Guaranteed, they have played on a variety of trumpet brands and will know which are poor quality.

We’d recommend staying away from these brands. Buying a trumpet from Yamaha or Bach is more expensive, but your instrument will be high quality and will last for years.


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