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Are Jupiter Trumpets Any Good? (An Honest Review)

When researching instrument brands, many people tend to get frustrated and confused.

It’s hard to know which brands make good quality instruments. Jupiter is a popular brand, especially for trumpets, but is it worth buying?

Here’s everything you need to know about Jupiter trumpets:

The Quality of Jupiter Trumpets:

Jupiter is a well-known instrument manufacturer that makes great instruments for beginner and intermediate players. Their trumpets are reliable, easy to play, and have a great sound, but come with a high price tag.

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How Hard or Easy Are Jupiter Trumpets to Play?

Many trumpet players love Jupiter. They can be a great brand for buying trumpets for beginner and intermediate players.

Jupiter has years of experience in making trumpets that are easy to play. Especially with their beginner models, trumpet players frequently have high praise for the Jupiter brand.

When looking for the best brands for beginners, Jupiter is a great choice.

The Jupiter JTR 700 Bb trumpet is incredibly beginner-friendly because of its playability. You’ll often find this trumpet on lists of the best models for beginners.

Jupiter makes a wide range of trumpet models from the beginner to the intermediate level. Each of these is highly reviewed for its great sound, playability, and solid intonation.

Jupiter trumpets frequently are free-blowing with a warm sound. This is ideal for great playing.

These qualities combine to ensure that every player who buys a Jupiter trumpet will be receiving the best quality. It won’t be a bad decision to choose Jupiter for your first instrument.

What Genres Are They Good For?

If you’ve been playing trumpet for years, you might want an instrument that is more suited to jazz or classical music.

The most popular Jupiter trumpets are for beginner or intermediate players. Their models have been played for classical and jazz styles, but not many perform professionally.

These instruments are great for learning new styles, but you might want a professional trumpet from a different brand that is more suited for a specific style.

Are Jupiter Trumpets Good For Classical Music?

Most beginner and intermediate trumpet players begin by learning classical styles. Since Jupiter produces great trumpets for these levels, they are generally better for classical music.

Jupiter trumpets are free-blowing and well-balanced. They respond well to each player and have great intonation.

These positive qualities are crucial for classical music. In orchestras and wind ensembles, trumpet players need to think about blending in with other instruments. Having a trumpet with great tone and intonation is beneficial in achieving this.

However, Jupiter trumpets are ideal for only beginner and intermediate players. Young students can have a great experience playing on a Jupiter trumpet, but professionals might find better trumpets elsewhere.

Are Jupiter Trumpets Good For Jazz?

You can use a Jupiter trumpet to play jazz styles, but it’s not the best option for professionals.

Jupiter makes great student and intermediate models, and they do not focus on making professional trumpets suited for jazz.

They do have a student-friendly model which allows beginners to learn jazz styles.

The Jupiter 1100S is a great jazz trumpet for beginners. It is easy to play, and students are free to experiment with different styles using this model.

In general, other brands like Bach or Yamaha are more well-suited for playing jazz. Jupiter makes trumpets of high quality, but most professionals don’t use Jupiter instruments for jazz styles.

However, Jupiter recently created its XO Series, which has many positive reviews. This new model, marketed toward professionals, can easily perform at a high level.

This model is competing with other brands because of its great construction, sound quality, and flexibility. These professional features allow experienced musicians to excel when playing jazz.

Jupiter is not known for its jazz trumpets. They have a few models that can handle jazz techniques, but other brands are more popular in this genre.

Are Jupiter Trumpets Good For Marching Band?

Jupiter trumpets are often marketed to students in marching band or drum corps.

Some students have to buy a secondary instrument to use in marching band. Since these ensembles play outside, their trumpets need to be durable. They often buy cheaper instruments to last through a marching season.

With Jupiter trumpets, students can own one durable instrument for marching band and perform well in concert band.

If you’re looking for a great trumpet to use in marching band, Jupiter is a great choice!

What Do the Reviews Say?

We checked the reviews at three different online retailers:

  • Woodwind and Brasswind
  • Amazon
  • ProWinds

On Woodwind and Brasswind, the only Jupiter model that has been reviewed is the JTR 1100S Performance Series. This reviewer gave the model four stars, claiming that it is a good trumpet, but there are better trumpets.

The Woodwind and Brasswind review mentions that this trumpet would be best used in big bands, orchestral works, and solos. It has great projection but a bright tone.

Jupiter’s JTR 700 Student Trumpet has an average of 4.7 stars on Amazon. 79% of reviewers gave this trumpet five stars.

Some of the positive reviewers mention that this model has a great sound, is reliable, and has great value. Some negative reviews say that there are better trumpets at the same price.

The reviews on ProWinds claim that Jupiter trumpets are great horns for their cost.

However, it is necessary to point out that these instrument retailers do not have many reviews for Jupiter trumpets. Guitar Center did not have any reviews at all.

When looking at message boards like Trumpet Herald, most of the reviews of Jupiter trumpets are positive. Many trumpet players say that Jupiter makes reliable instruments that highly benefit beginner and intermediate players.

How Expensive are Jupiter Trumpets?

Although many people love the quality of Jupiter trumpets, they might not be worth the cost.

On Woodwind and Brasswind, student models start at $1,189.

You can find beginner models for less than $1,000 through different retailers. On Amazon, the JTR 700 is $698. This is a cheaper option, but it is still in the higher range for a beginner trumpet.

For the same price, you may find other trumpets with better value. However, this is a matter of opinion.

How Well Do Jupiter Trumpets Hold Their Value?

Jupiter hasn’t always been known for its quality.┬áSince around 2000, Jupiter has been steadily increasing its dedication to quality.

Although this brand is improving, Jupiter trumpets might not hold their value as well as other brands. You won’t see many older, pre-owned Jupiter trumpets for sale.

For the price of Jupiter trumpets, you’d expect them to last a long time, but you can find trumpets at the same price with a much longer lifespan.

That being said, Jupiter trumpets will last through your first few years as a beginner and intermediate player.

Although it won’t last forever, your Jupiter trumpet will perform well in your introductory years in music.

How Long is the Warranty on Jupiter Trumpets?

All Jupiter instruments have a warranty of ten years.

This is the longest warranty you’ll get for an instrument. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of five years.

They guarantee that your trumpet will be free of defects for ten years because they believe in the quality of its construction. There are restrictions on this warranty, but this is normal.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, making sure that you are doing daily maintenance on your trumpet. Use valve oil and slide grease to prevent any parts from sticking.

If you do need a more extensive repair, you can visit an authorized Jupiter repair facility.

Jupiter has a great warranty, which proves that they are dedicated to improving the quality of their instruments.

What Gear Do You Get With a Jupiter Trumpet?

All Jupiter trumpets come with a case and a mouthpiece.

On Woodwind and Brasswind, and other retailers, the student model can come in either a wood-frame case or a standard plastic case.

Since Jupiter is designed for student players, there is no additional gear that comes with the instrument. It’ll come with all of the basic components that a beginner needs.

Final Thoughts

Jupiter trumpets seem to be a good investment, but maybe not the best. Considering the price, other brands offer trumpets at a similar cost but much better quality.

For beginners and intermediate players, this brand might be great! Many trumpet players give this brand great reviews, saying that their instruments are easy to play.

Jupiter trumpets generally have great tone and intonation. Although Jupiter had a cheaper construction in the past, they have made great strides in improving quality.

Jupiter is generally a great brand for beginners, so consider buying a student model for your early playing!


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