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Are Eastman Trumpets Good? An Honest Review (Past & Present)

Eastman trumpets have created quite a buzz online over the last decade because their quality has improved a lot.

However, the discussion surrounding them is a bit complicated as their reputation hasn’t always been that good when looking at the trumpet models.

Let’s get up to speed on how the Eastman trumpets perform today!

The quality of Eastman Trumpets

Andreas Eastman trumpets are good at the price. They seem to be one of the better Chinese manufactured trumpets these days. Models older than 2008 have been known to have issues with the pistons so it’s worth checking the serial number before making a purchase.

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You might get a little confused if you start reading reviews and feedback on the instruments online because, in early 2000, the Eastman trumpets had a pretty bad reputation.

It seems like they finally fixed some issues with the valves and the pipe material.

The quality of the older instruments is not consistent and too many of them were born with problems, so make sure to check the model year if you’re looking at a used Eastman trumpet.

Before you decide on an Eastman trumpet, I’d advise you to also try a Jupiter JTR-700 or a Yamaha YTR-2330 for comparison.

Where Are Eastman Trumpets Made?

Eastman Trumpets are made in China and their earlier models did have some issues.

The quality was not consistent across the production batches. Today, however, the Eastman company has fixed the issues and the quality is good.

If you’re looking for an American-made trumpet you can check this article where I go over 26 trumpet brands and where each of them is being manufactured.

How Hard or Easy Are Eastman Trumpets to Play?

Eastman trumpets are easy to play.

They have a nice free-blowing feel to them that makes them easy to play for an extended time.

However, you might want to replace the original mouthpiece with a Bach mouthpiece, as the standard mouthpiece often is geared toward beginners (I also did that for my Yamaha trumpet!).

Several players have compared the free-blowing feel of the Eastman trumpet line too much more expensive trumpet brands such as Bach and Yamaha.

This may come as a surprise when you take a look at the price tag.

You can often find one of the top models from Eastman at around $500 if you care to take a good look at the used market.

What Genres Are They Good For?

The Eastman trumpets are not made specifically for any genre.

They will do well with most types and genres as they have a medium-large bore and a two-piece valve casing that creates a really good air flow and make them just as easy to play as the bigger brands.

We don’t find any well-known trumpeters who play the Eastman models but we have seen several famous baritone and french horn players who are endorsed by the Eastman brand.

How Long Do Eastman Trumpets Last?

Eastman trumpets have had a mixed reputation and some models would only last a few years when used extensively at music schools. Today the pistons are updated and they should last longer as they have upgraded the valve systems.

That makes it hard to say anything definitive about how long Eastman trumpets last, as we haven’t had the time yet to see how the models from the last 10-20 years stand the test of time.

Judging from the feedback and the build of the newer Eastman models, I’d be surprised if they didn’t last for at least 40-50 years.

Depending on how much they are played and how well they are cared for.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Again, we find mixed reviews of the Eastman trumpets.

This is because the earlier models (before 2008) were known for having issues with the valves as well as the quality of the soldering and material choice.

This also means that you should take a look at recent reviews, in case you’re looking to see how a new Eastman trumpet stack up against the competition.

We normally check Amazon for reviews, as they are the biggest e-commerce platform we have in the U.S. But for some reason, you don’t find any Eastman trumpets on Amazon.

We only found the trumpet cases and spare parts. (However, you should check it out if you need a replacement part for the water keys, slides, etc.).

We also took a look at what other people thought about the Eastman ETR420 on YouTube and came across this fine little review:

It’s clear to see that the guy from HornTrader knows his way around the trumpet. He’s pulling off some pretty amazing scales up to the high C.

The first finger slide looks really sleek and the tuning slide and the overall finish of the lacquer really looks great.

Here’s another reviewer who is checking out the Eastman:

It’s a short video but you can hear and see the trumpet in action.

What About the Eastman Cornets and Flugelhorns?

The Eastman company also produces three cornets and two flugelhorns.

The cornets are all student models and we don’t find a professional or intermediate lineup among the cornets. They are all in the Bb key and come with a backpack-style case, just like the trumpets.

The flugelhorns have a good reputation and you will find several people praising them online for their good quality sound for the price.

What About the Giardinelli Trumpets by Eastman?

The Eastman company also make the Giardinelli line of trumpets, or maybe it’s more accurate to say that they also “have them produced.”

It’s a little unclear as to whether the Eastman company actually owns and runs the factories they use or if they have outsourced the production at this point.

Regardless, this line is also a Chinese make, and the trumpets also play very nice.

Quite Heavy for Smaller Kids

The Eastman trumpets are quite heavy and that makes them less ideal for smaller kids and people who might get tired from holding a rather heavy instrument for an extended time.

If you’re looking for a good trumpet for a smaller kid I have an article here with three great trumpets under $1,000 (check the 3rd option).

The weight can be an issue for smaller kids as they might get too tired after a few minutes of practice.

A Good Investment?

You shouldn’t buy an Eastman trumpet as an “investment.”

The trumpets from Eastman only recently (the last two decades) gained their reputation so no one really knows how they are priced after a few decades from today.

The trumpets play well and at the price, they are a good purchase.

However, the more professional trumpeters still swear to brands such as Yamaha and Bach!

How Long Is the Warranty on Eastman Trumpets?

Eastman trumpets all come with a five-year warranty. This will cover any issues the instrument was born with such as defects and bad workmanship. Note that the warranty can not be transferred if the trumpet is sold or donated. Also, the case only has a one-year warranty period.

This rule about the warranty falling away when the instrument changes hands is pretty weird.

It doesn’t really make sense that you will lose the warranty if you purchase a pretty new Eastman trumpet even if you manage to get the receipt.

However, this is how the Andreas Eastman company has structured their warranty policy.

Note also that you have to return the trumpet to the exact dealer that sold you the instrument, so if you are traveling or if you purchased the instrument abroad, this might be a problem too.

All in all, I'm not really impressed with the warranty on the Eastman trumpets. It doesn't make sense to me and it seems a bit like they are trying to avoid having too many people use the warranty.

What Gear Do You Get With an Eastman Trumpet?

The Eastman trumpet comes with a plastic-plated hard-shell case with a shoulder strap. The case also has pockets for personal stuff, notes, etc.

Here’s a complete list of what you get with an Eastman trumpet:

  • Hardshell case w. strap
  • Two tuning slides
  • Mouthpiece

Remember to always ask the dealer to throw in a bottle of valve oil and a bucket of grease for the slides!

Popular Beginner and Intermediate Trumpets

If you’re looking for a good solid beginner trumpet I would advise you to at least test the Yamaha and the Bach models below, if your budget allows it.

They are truly wonderful instruments with a much longer history of being top of the line.

It’s a good idea to purchase the cheapest model from an expensive brand!

When you do that you know that you get a really high-quality instrument that will last for generations. We don’t have that much history with the Eastman brand yet, so we will see if they will stand the test of time.

Brand & ModelPriceStore
Etude ETR-200$299Visit Store
Yamaha YTR-2330$1,300Visit Store
Jupiter JTR700$1,189Visit Store
Blessing BTR-1287$499Visit Store
Bach TR300$1,390Visit Store

Popular Professional Trumpets

If you are ready to move up to a professional trumpet, these models and brands are the ones I can best recommend. I’ve played the Yamaha trumpets for two decades and my brother plays the Bach Stradivarius.

Check out this article I wrote that compares the Bach and Yamaha trumpets!

I can fully recommend the Yamaha Xeno.

Whether you prefer it over the legendary Bach Strad is much more about personal preference than the actual quality of the brands.

Brand + ModelPriceStore
Bach Stradivarius 180S37$2,999Visit Store
Yamaha Xeno II$2,580Visit Store
Getzen 907S$2,175Visit Store